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Calculate the purchase price of a share

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The buy price is the price of the share that has to be paid when buying.

At what price would a share have to be bought if it is sold again after an investment period of 4 years and 8 months at a price of 135 euros and a return of 20% p.a. is achieved?

Annual dividend payments should not be taken into account in the calculation.

Although future prices for stocks cannot be predicted, the stock calculator can also be used for certificates for which a certain repayment value is guaranteed under certain conditions.

Bonus certificates are an example, which guarantee a fixed bonus payment under certain conditions. This can then be assumed as the selling price.

Since certificates can in turn refer to a certain share or an index as an underlying value, it makes perfect sense to calculate a required purchase price by specifying a certain sell price, as in this example.


The following settings must be made in the share calculator for calculation.
  • Mark which value should be calculated:
    Select Calculate purchase price
  • Enter the given values ​​as follows:
    • Number of pieces:1
    • Purchase price:- set free -
    • Selling rate:135 euros
    • Investment period:
      4 years 8 months 0 days
    • Annual dividend:- deactivate -
    • Return:20% p.a.
  • Then click on To calculate.

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