Why do feet smell, but noses run

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THEME:The nose is running and the feet smell ...

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karaoke the discussion started on November 17th, 2003 (2:17 pm) with the following post:

Wasn't that right the other way around? * crooked *

Correctly arrived again.
The nose, rod like with Rudolf the Rendier, tingles and runs like a defective faucet. The face is reddened, the eyes are watery and swollen shut, so that you almost need a guide dog.
How do you call that ??? .......

Exactly - a full blown snub. * nibbling is in *
I hate snorts!
All house middlemen are there in Einsadz, from salt water flushing to Gamille steam bath to Rodlichd, everything is there.
On the table it looks like in a witch's kitchen and you smell healthy too, like eucalypdhus.
Gadze left the room cursing because the smells sting her nose. Only I will persevere adamantly.
Schnubben comes three days, stays three days and goes three days.
I already have four of them hindering me.
I can do the rest too.
Now I go to the subscription counter and buy wound and healing ointment for the damaged nose and upper body.

Johanna replied on 11/17/03 (2:22 pm):

Come 3 days, stay 3 days, go 3 days? My grandmother always said "without a doctor a cold takes 2 weeks, with a doctor 14 days" hatschiiiiiii

Rosemary replied on 11/17/03 (14:40):

Get well soon to all concerned !!!!

I've been gargling and greasing for weeks. I even still drink the cold tea with my tablets ... But it will be fine ... :-)))

Tessy replied on 11/17/03 (3:16 pm):

Hello karaoke,

are you sure your cold is the reason?

Come to Frangen, you won't even notice, here (almost) everyone always speaks like that without being puffy.

Gude recovery

tiramisusi replied on 11/17/03 (3:46 pm):

hello karaoke, I had that a few weeks ago :-) bad thing ... but pulling the salt water through your nose helps wonderfully, the homemade onion juice also helped me .. and otherwise ... no ooorden sip and then rub in with the pulp :-)
get well!

schorsch replied on 11/17/03 (5:47 pm):

Thanks (:--))))

Gudrun_D replied on 11/17/03 (10:46 p.m.):

Dear Garaoge

I wish you really safe: good bashing!

but, woe, if another writes 'Hatschi' here; -) !!!!!!


gero replied on 11/19/03 (1:40 p.m.):

A pretty poem from my youth occurs to me on this subject. It says like this: The teacher at school talks about this and that, to walk with your feet and to smell your nose! Little Fritze is talking, sir, that's not true. With grandpa there the nose runs and smell do the feet!

Medea. answered on 11/20/03 (10:30 am):

Hello Gudrun

Your "Hatschi" immediately reminds me of Karl May:

I think there was a "Hatschi Halef Omar, Ben Hatschi Halef Said" in the Ölprinz .... :-))

Gudrun_D answered on 11/20/03 (10:43 am):

oh dear, Medea,
aaaaaaaber, he certainly had no mean "Schnubben" ;-)

sea ​​wolf replied on 11/21/03 (1:22 AM):

Medea -

DER was a "Hajji" with de-wie-dora, because he pretended to have completed the "Hajj" (Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca) ...

Medea. answered on 11/21/03 (07:30):

That's right - sea wolf -

T he was a Hajji, but it just went so well with the Hatschi .... :-))