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McCarran International Airport (LAS)

The McCarran International Airport (LAS for short) in Las Vegas, with currently over 500,000 flight movements and more than 45 million passengers a year, after LAX and SFO, but still well ahead of the SAN in San Diego, is the third largest and therefore of course also third most important airport in the southwestern United States.

McCarran can therefore represent a very good start or end point for a round trip, brings some advantages, but also one or two (very small) problems with it ...

LAS: Location & Orientation

McCarran International Airport is located at the southern end of the stripthat runs through Las Vegas. Parts of the site are level with Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay, which are located on the left side of the Strip.

Basically, the airport is almost directly in the city center, which is a great advantage compared to Los Angeles or San Francisco, as there is no inconvenient journey to get to the airport.

Unfortunately, the city has rated this advantage a bit too high and so the airport is not connected to the monorail (which is also unpopular) for incomprehensible reasons - the city can only be reached by rental car, bus or taxi.

As is so often the case, the direct pick-up of a rental car is the best option when you arrive in Las Vegas, even if you don't need the car for a visit to the city. If you do without it, you can take a taxi to the Strip in fifteen minutes and for a good $ 25. Shuttle buses can also be an option and cost from around $ 6 per person.

The ride with the Public transport services unfortunately turns out to be quite cumbersome: from the airport to the strip you usually have to change trains, usually from line 108 or WAX to SDX or DEUCE. The cost is $ 8 per person, but the travel time including transfers can be up to an hour. Not recommendable.


The one small disadvantage of LAS is the rather moderate connection to local public transport, the other - and significantly larger - the small number of Non-stop flights from Europe.

The Condor, which is rarely used for flights to the USA, currently flies directly from Frankfurt to Las Vegas, and since May 2016 there has also been a non-stop flight from Cologne under the Eurowings label, operated by Sunexpress - but only in the summer months .

On the other hand, it is currently not possible to fly over from Düsseldorf, Munich or Berlin without a stopover. While that's not a huge problem, it's a bit of a surprise given the size and importance of the airport to the American Southwest.

Since Lufthansa is not an option, Delta, KLM, Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, United and Air Canada are usually the best alternatives.

Terminals in the McCarran

McCarran International Airport only has after Terminal 2 was closed in 2012 and demolished in 2016 two clearly arranged terminalswhich will, however, continue to be referred to as Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Land at Terminal 1 Domestic flights, i.e. domestic flights, from American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Spirit and US Airways, while Terminal 3 from both domestic and from International Flights is used, so you might find the immigration must go through on entry.

Despite the large number of passengers and flights, LAS is very tidy and sometimes even feels quite small - imagine Düsseldorf more than Frankfurt!

Free Wi-Fi (WLAN) is available in the airport, and of course a few first or last slot machines should not be missing here either. In addition, there are the usual snack bars and shops with the usual high prices.

Airport hotels

Because of its proximity to the strip, it usually is unnecessaryto stay at an airport hotel prior to departure from McCarran International Airport. It can only make sense if you fly out very early in the morning.

But it looks different on arrival: If you want to drive through the southwest after the first and save Las Vegas for the last, there is no good reason to spend the night on the Strip.

The selection of real airport hotels is quite small due to their proximity to the Strip in Las Vegas, but Best Westerns north of the airport and the Homewood Suites by Hilton south of it are good. Both offer well-equipped, large rooms at often extremely affordable prices.

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