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Cloudability - cost control of cloud investments

One of the most important advantages of cloud solutions, whether in the area of ​​PaaS (Platform as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service), are the transparent pricing models that are common in this market segment. The monthly recurring prices are often billed according to consumption. Amazon Web Services are a good example of this. Here, the monthly costs are calculated based on the computing power, storage capacity, bandwidth, etc. actually used. However, this flexibility can lead to unpleasant surprises at the end of the month if you don't keep an eye on running costs. The cloud management service "Cloudability" promises a remedy here with a number of useful tools that are intended to enable efficient cost control of cloud services.

Highlights: The software shows on a web dashboard how much the cloud resources used really cost the company and enables a detailed cost-benefit analysis. The supported cloud services include Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Rackspace and HP Cloud Services, as well as the server monitoring and analytics tool New Relic. The program scores with meaningful graphics and visualizations that ensure efficient data analysis. The costs of the various services can be conveniently compared and merged with one another, l to determine total costs.

Prices and availability: The software is offered in the freemium model. With the free version you can fall back on a few standard reports. The Pro version with full functionality costs from just under $ 50 a month.

  1. IT basic protection
    The IT-Grundschutz Catalogs are regularly updated by the BSI. However, not all measures and recommendations for cloud computing have been included yet.
  2. RSA Archer: SOX Compliance
    Companies have to follow a large number of standards and compliance requirements and demonstrate compliance, for example SOX or certain EU requirements. Solutions like RSA Archer can help with this.
  3. RSA Archer: Cloud Standards
    There are also numerous specifications and recommendations for cloud computing, for example from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Certain cloud standards are already mapped in solutions such as RSA Archer. Final European or international cloud standards have not yet been adopted. Companies should therefore also define internal requirements for cloud computing.
  4. Verinice: Specifications catalog
    A solution like Verinice supports in particular the implementation of IT-Grundschutz, but can also be supplemented with additional compliance requirements. A company could also store its own catalog of specifications for the use of social networks.
  5. NogLogic: Policy Management
    In a solution like NogaLogic, for example, internal guidelines can specify exactly what should happen to unstructured data in order to better protect it. Such internal policies summarize specifications from standards more precisely or supplement them.

Conclusion: Cloudability is a promising service that is still in its infancy, but so far has made an all-round good impression. If you invest a lot of money in cloud computing and want to keep an eye on your expenses, the software could be just the thing for you.