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ARD theme week #WIE LIFEN: "Culture is more than entertainment"

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The ARD theme week #WIE LIVEN asks: How do we want to live? Three cultural workers tell what culture can do and how it should be designed in the future.

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Tobias Wolff is the artistic director of the Göttingen International Handel Festival.

Cultural life stands still. Once again. Opera houses, cinemas, museums, literature and theaters will remain closed for the time being. The International Handel Festival in Göttingen had to be canceled in early summer due to the Corona crisis. Ironically, in the year of the 100th anniversary of the festival. But what remains when cultural life is completely idle, asks director Tobias Wolff: "That we are the little cogs on the assembly line that somehow do our job for the recovery and profit of the economy? I think that is not the point of life."

Culture creates places of encounter

Concerts, readings and theater performances are places of encounter. Physically and intellectually. Can our society do without it? "You will see that when the cities have a tourism problem," said Wolff. "Who wants to go to Berlin if there are no clubs, if no theaters are open? I just don't go to Berlin because of the gastronomy, I have that here in the country too. I go to a big city because of the great cultural offerings: Museums, theater, concerts, cabaret, readings, cabaret scenes, including the draftsman who sits on the street and paints small portraits. It is cultural experiences that define urban space. "

Cultural encounters also shaped rural areas, says Tobias Wolff. The marching band, the amateur theater and the organ evenings are immensely important for the cohesion of the villages.

Content with social relevance

Telke Reeck runs two art house cinemas in Göttingen, the Lumière and the Méliès. The renewed culture lockdown is also hitting the cinema industry hard. The big cinema chains have to fight just as much as the small arthouse cinemas. However, the renewed closure makes one thing clear, says Telke Reeck: "People are realizing more and more how important culture is. It offers stimulation, not just entertainment. Behind it are always content, social issues. Especially the film and cinema initiative, the runs the two cinemas, doesn't just do it for commercial reasons. We have film offers, the content of which is discussed.

Culture opens up visions, goes beyond everyday life and offers a reflection area for current, political and socially relevant topics. Here we receive impulses that open horizons, allow us to think outside the box.

Crisis as a catalyst for new ideas

Anja Johannsen heads the Göttingen Literary Center.

Anja Johannsen heads the Göttingen Literary Center. She hopes that the culture industry can take something away from this time of crisis for the future: "We have learned from this time that you can also play a lot more with formats: complement the analog with the digital, do a lot outside, go into the urban space. We at the Literaturhaus Göttingen have not done that so far and definitely want to keep it.

Culture needs stronger lobbying

In the future, the cultural industry will have to network better and raise their voices together, adds Tobias Wolff. There are various interest groups, but they were too polite to politicians during the crisis: "That is actually a problem and I believe that we have to be a little stronger and more demanding. Other lobbyists do the same. In this respect, that is one thing Teaching for us. We have to lobby more, we have to make more contacts, we have to stick to it, we have to explain more. For many, we are just the beauties who make a little pretty art. They don't see that we are behind them Backdrops have incredibly professional employees. "

Perhaps the crisis teaches us this too: we shouldn't take our diverse cultural offerings for granted.

Is our cohesion in crisis?

In times of the corona pandemic, there is a lot of talk about the community spirit and social responsibility. The historian Paul Nolte speaks about cohesion and conflict. more

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