How can I get beautiful skin

Get clean skin: 7 tips to improve the complexion of your skin

Bad skin can affect our mood in the long run. Visible pimples and red bumps under the skin not only ensure that we no longer feel good. If we treat them incorrectly, they can also become painfully inflamed and leave pimple marks or even scars.

But quick SOS tips alone are not enough to get rid of blemishes, large pores and an oily complexion in the long term. Here are the most important tips with which you can get your skin clean in the long term.

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# 1: Establish a facial cleansing routine

Regardless of whether it is stress pimples or hormone-related skin problems: our skin on the face is always happy about a cleansing routine. Make-up, dirt and excess oil are only removed from the skin surface by cleaning with a special cleanser or washing lotion.

While a thorough cleansing in the evening is sufficient for normal and dry skin types, blemished skin should be cleansed twice a day. This means that the pores have less chance of clogging and existing pimples cannot become infected as quickly. You can find a mild cleansing foam that is supposed to combat skin impurities, for example from Sebamed (order here directly from Amazon *).

Beauty experts recommend a 2-step cleansing process for blemished skin, consisting of a mild cleansing gel and a clarifying facial toner. Products with antibacterial agents are particularly effective. Not only do they fight existing blemishes, they also prevent new pimples and inflammation.

Paula's Choice, for example, has a clarifying facial tonic especially for oily skin. The Pore Reducing Toner is supposed to fight impurities and minimize enlarged pores without drying out the skin. Here you can order the product directly from Amazon. *

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# 2: Never squeeze pimples again

A bad mistake that we should have learned from our teenage years: Pushing around pimples is an absolute no-go for our skin. For one thing, our hands can never be clean enough to properly squeeze out a pimple or blackhead. Bacteria have an easy job and migrate from our fingers directly to our skin and cause pimples to become painfully inflamed. On the other hand, it can quickly happen that we press too hard and injure our skin in the process. This can leave unsightly red pimple marks or even scars.

This is why tip no. 2 for clean skin is: keep your hands away from your face and especially from pimples. Unfortunately, squeezing it will only delay the healing process of your pimple. However, if you can't wait and want quick relief, you can use a few clever home remedies: 7 home remedies for pimples that help quickly

# 3: A moisturizer that suits your skin type

When choosing your face cream, it doesn't necessarily depend on how big your wallet is. It is crucial that the product contains the ingredients that suit your skin type and are really good for your skin. Anyone who struggles with impurities and an oily complexion should definitely avoid lipid replenishing substances.

The reason: With oily skin, the evaporation of water to the outside is slowed down. Therefore, oil-free, lightweight face creams that don't over-nourish your skin are best.

A light and well-tolerated face cream that supplies your skin with just the right amount of moisture without making it appear greasy is available from La Roche Posay, for example. Here you can find the product for after-shopping on Amazon. *

# 4: Clean make-up brushes, sponges, etc.

Can't remember the last time you cleaned your makeup tools of foundation and powder residue? Then it is high time to dump the cosmetic bag and thoroughly clean brushes, sponges and the like. There are a lot of bacteria lurking here that land on our face after applying make-up and cause impurities.

You can clean synthetic hair brushes and sponges with lukewarm water and a small amount of your facial cleanser. If you find your washing lotion too bad, you can also use mild baby shampoo as an alternative. Then dab with a towel and leave to dry overnight.

Tip: So that the water residue does not run into the handle, you should let the brushes dry slightly raised so that the bristles point down.

Do you use fine real hair brushes when applying make-up? Then you should be particularly careful when cleaning. Cleaning products are too aggressive for the delicate hairs - they remove the natural oil from the fine hairs, the hair can break and lose its shape. It is best to simply tap the brush carefully on the edge of the sink after each use. You can remove any remaining particles with a tissue.

# 5: Healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals

Cosmetic tips alone are usually not enough to improve the complexion and get rid of pimples. Therefore, unfortunately, you cannot avoid taking a closer look at your lifestyle, especially your diet.

Alcohol, sugar, dairy products, wheat - they are all suspected of having a negative effect on our skin. They should not only make our blood sugar level skyrocket, but also promote sebum production and inflammatory processes.

If you want to get pure skin, you should instead focus on a balanced diet with freshly prepared foods. Products that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are important for beautiful skin. Great suppliers are, for example, avocado, salmon, nuts and Brussels sprouts.

By the way: Often, skin imperfections can also be traced back to a problem with the intestines. A check-up at the family doctor or alternative practitioner can provide clarity if the skin problems simply do not want to go away.

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# 6: get enough sleep

A simple but effective trick for beautiful, pure skin: give your body enough sleep! Our skin works at full speed at night. If we don't sleep enough, our cells don't have enough time to regenerate.

The result: a pale, pale complexion, clogged pores and blemishes. The necessary growth hormone is only released when we sleep. It is therefore best to try to be in bed before midnight to make the most of your skin's regeneration process.

# 7: balance stress

Sure, stress cannot always be avoided. Unfortunately, the anger with the boss or the argument with the partner can quickly be reflected in our skin and lead to skin blemishes. That is why it is important to find an outlet during stressful times.

Exercise is an ideal way to balance stress. If you don't have the time to jog or ride a bike after work, you can start building short, active sessions into the day. 10 minutes of yoga in the morning after the first cup of coffee or a short walk in the fresh air during the lunch break can work wonders. You will see: If you manage to balance stress, this will quickly become noticeable in the complexion of your skin.

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