How beautiful is Boracay


Activities in Boracay

Boracay's 18-hole golf course, Paar 72, is located in the north of the island. The associated Fairways & Bluewater Resort opened in 1997.

Kayak tours are possible from White Beach or during a day trip by boat.

Boracay has ideal conditions for sailing. Small sailing boats can be hired for excursions on your own. Alternatively, there are also sailing trips around the island, which are organized in larger groups.

Beaches and island hopping
With the White Beach, a 4 kilometer long fine sandy beach, lined with palm trees and colorful beach life, one of the world's most beautiful beaches can be found on Boracay. The lively beach is divided into different sections and offers many beach and water sports activities. Quieter beaches can be found on the northern tip and east coast, lonely bays can be approached by scooter or TukTuk. The beaches on the small private island are even more private Crystal Cove Island, however, a visit is associated with an entrance fee. Island hopping means in Boracay, the beaches on the other side, some of which are only accessible from the sea and to visit some small rocky islands.

The numerous diving spots that lie directly in front of the island of Boracay are suitable for both beginners who complete their diving license here and for experienced divers. In addition to shallow coral reefs, drift dives and large fish sightings are also possible. The underwater landscape is colorful and full of fish at all dive sites, the water is always pleasantly warm.

Even more diving areas can be explored on a full-day or multi-day diving safari. Other islands, such as Panagatan, are visited.

Hiking and trekking
A vacation to Boracay can be more than a beach vacation, many inland caves are breathtaking and just waiting to be explored on a hike. The Bat Caves are located near Ilig-Iligan Beach and are home to bats, fruit bats and sea snakes. The Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park offers further hiking tours through the rainforest, during which native animal and plant species can be observed. The Mount Luho is the highest point on the island at 100 meters and offers a beautiful hiking destination with a 360 ° view.

Wellness and spa
The luxurious wellness resorts on Boracay have been frequently used with the Spa Asia Cristal Award excellent. In a dreamlike setting, with a view of the turquoise sea and soothing treatments, a Boracay vacation feels like a visit to paradise. The view of the sea with a massage directly on the beach is a little cheaper.

The strong winds between December and February offer wind and kite surfers ideal conditions and attract many surfers to the island of Boracay.