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Jung von Matt / Limmat wins for the sixth time in a row

It already has a certain tradition. Wins for the sixth time Jung von Matt / Limmatthe agency rating advertising agencies. But behind the long-term winner there is movement like seldom before.

Since 2003 the Media Research Groupthe ranking as part of the advertising market study at the same time as the media agencies rating. The survey is based exclusively on the judgments of advertisers. The top 750 advertising clients are invited to participate in the study. 359 answered the questions for the agency rating advertising agencies. The agency rating advertising agencies includes questions that can be answered by all respondents ("How well do you know the following advertising agencies?", "What is your overall impression of these agencies?" And "Which advertising agencies would you recommend to a colleague?").

Jung von Matt / Limmat wins again

On the other hand, there are questions on which only respondents who have used services from the agency to be assessed in the course of the past year are allowed to comment. This involves assessing various aspects of agency performance - such as creativity, strategy, advice and digital competence. The first questions give an indication of the agencies' growth potential in the advertising market, the second show how satisfied customers are with their advertising agency. The combination of these two types of questions gives the industry a pretty good picture of how well the individual agencies are positioned. The queries are mainly classic advertising agencies, but also individual digital agencies. In order to be shown in the agency rating, at least ten assessments must be achieved by your own customers. All of the 25 agencies surveyed met this condition in 2020.

"The judgments of the top 750 advertising clients about the advertising agencies were significantly less good in 2020 than in the previous year."

Walter Weder, Media Research Group

The survey is started by asking about the awareness of the advertising agencies. The aim is to find out how large the reach of the individual advertising agencies is in the advertising market. What is surprising is that the average level of awareness of advertising agencies among the top 750 advertising clients decreased in 2020 for the first time in a long time. In the five years before that, it had grown steadily and last year reached a peak of 60.8 clients who know what an agency stands for. In 2020 only 48.6 clients will know this. The value is thus at the level of the years 2015/16.

The individual results at a glance

If one compares the values ​​for the awareness of the advertising agencies with those of the media agencies, clear differences become visible. At the advertising agencies 48.6 clients know what an agency stands for, at the media agencies it is only 32.8. Perhaps little consolation for the creative.
The advertising agency with the greatest profile is Jung von Matt. 124 clients (34.5 percent) know what this agency stands for. Wirz follows in 2nd place with 91 (25.3 percent) and in 3rd place Publicis with 86 clients (24 percent) who know what these agencies stand for.
The judgments of the top 750 advertising clients about the advertising agencies were significantly less positive in 2020 than in the previous year. This can be seen in the individual aspects of the agency's performance that were to be assessed, as well as in the overall grade, which fell below the 7.00 mark for the first time in 2020. The 6.90 means a minus of 0.17 compared to the previous year and a minus of 0.31 grade points compared to 2017. These aren't trivial either. This is a real break-in.

When looking at the average grades of the last few years, it becomes clear that both the grade for the overall impression, which may also be submitted by non-customers, and the grades for the individual aspects of the agency's service, which are reserved for agency customers, are equally affected by this loss are affected.

The clients judge the consulting services of the advertising agencies best. The average grade is 8.04. However, this is then the only agency service whose rating is above the 8.00 mark. In addition, this performance was rated with an average grade of 8.11 in the previous year and 8.21 four years ago.

The mark for creativity has receded a little more. In 2020 it fell from 7.99 in the previous year to 7.85. Four years ago it was 8.07. And that is also a result: in 2020, 9 out of 25 agencies will receive a grade above 8.00. Four years earlier it was 15. However, the advertising agencies suffered the greatest loss in terms of digital competence. In the current evaluation, the 25 advertising agencies surveyed received an average grade of 7.32. For comparison: in 2017 it was 7.70. This is a sizeable 0.38 grade point loss in four years.

The advertising agencies are judged much more critically than the media agencies

In order to be able to better classify these grades for the individual agency services, we compare them with the grading of the agency services of the media agencies. This shows that the media agencies are consistently rated better by the clients than their colleagues in advertising. The average rating for advice from the media agencies is 8.47, which is 0.43 points higher than that of the advertising agencies. The media agencies' average grade for digital competence is 7.80, which is 0.48 points higher than that of the advertising agencies. The difference between the two types of agencies is slightly smaller in terms of the overall impression, the rating, in which non-customers are also allowed to participate. Media agencies receive an average grade of 7.48, advertising agencies a grade of 7.22.

In 2020, Jung von Matt won the advertising agency rating for the sixth time in a row. But the joy is somewhat clouded. The overall grade fell by 0.28 grade points to 7.69 in 2020 compared to the previous year. The lead over the second-placed agency has thus been almost halved. It fell from 0.37 grade points to 0.21. As Jung von Matt 2015 Wirzpeeled off from the top, she did so with a grade above 8.0 (8.04), a rating she has never achieved since. Nonetheless, Jung von Matt managed to stay at the top over the years. An achievement that none of the constantly alternating second-placed agencies was able to achieve. According to Wirz (2015), the Rod communication2nd place in 2016, Wirz again in 2017. Publicis followed in 2018 and Ruf Lanz took 2nd place last year. All well-established, well-known agencies. The interplay with Webrepublic will continue in 2020. Is this the big changing of the guard? Or is it just an outlier after all? We will see.

But back to Jung von Matt. Here it is exciting to see where the agency left points. First of all, there are the areas in which both customers and non-customers are allowed to participate. In the overall impression, 0.12 grade points were lost. Despite the decline, Jung von Matt achieved the best rating of all agencies with 8.05. The level of awareness fell from 36.2 percent to 34.5. Translated means: only a third of the clients know what Jung von Matt stands for. This is still the top figure of all agencies, but still a little less than last year. The same applies to the recommendations.

The assessment of the individual agency services was, on the one hand, better (in terms of strategy and advice) and, on the other hand, worse (in terms of creativity and digital competence).
Webrepublic achieved 2nd place through very good assessments of the individual agency services. First and foremost, it is digital competence that catapults the agency forward. With the highest of all given individual grades of 9.71, the Webrepublic2.24 grade points from the winner of the agency rating. The 9.71 isn't about the average of a few customers' marks. No, they are the average of 17 customer ratings. The fact that Webrepublic also achieved the second best rating in consulting and third best in strategy shows how broadly its 2nd place in the agency rating is supported. The fact that there is still a lot of room for improvement at Webrepublic is shown by the poor ranking in terms of creativity. Here she does not get beyond the last place. And this with a grade of 6.71, a whole 1.8 grade points less than Jung von Matt.

Havas Worldwidetakes 3rd place through very good assessments of the two agency services strategy and digital competence. Havas Worldwide improves its strategy by 0.07 grade points, which allows it to move up from 3rd to 2nd place. The agency has made the bigger leap forward in terms of digital competence. The grade of 8.00 means an improvement of 0.39 grade points and an advance from 12th to 5th place. The overall grade fell by 0.04 grade points from 7.43 to 7.39. Since the other agencies had to accept major losses, this was still enough for an improvement in rank from 7th to 3rd place. In the previous year Havas Worldwide was 0.54 grade points behind the top, in 2020 the gap was reduced to 0.30. Even if you never look back in a competition, you can feel the competition on the back of your neck. Especially when it is so close. Vizner Borelis only 0.01 grade points behind Havas Worldwide in 4th place.

Leaves in creativity Call Lanzfor the eighth time in a row everyone else is far behind. Your grade is 9.36, which is 0.09 higher than the highest grade of 9.27 from the previous year. Vizner Borel followed with 8.90 and Jung von Matt 8.50.

In terms of strategy, Rod Kommunikation took first place for the tenth time in a row. With its mark of 8.56, it is only slightly (minus 0.02) below the mark of the previous year. Havas Worldwide follows in 2nd place with 8.46 points and Webrepublic in 3rd place with 8.41.

In the consultation, the category victory with 8.86 points goes to the agency Vizner Borel. She succeeds in doing this thanks to an improvement of 0.19 grade points from the previous year's grade. Webrepublic follows in second place with 8.71 and in third place Dreifivewith 8.64.

When it comes to digital competence, Webrepublic swings out at the top - and with a huge lead. With 9.71, the highest rating of the previous year's winner in the digital competence category is downright pulverized. In second place is with 8.69 Jim & Jimand one place behind Dreifive with 8.45.