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Spence from "King of Queens": What is Patton Oswalt doing now?

"King of Queens": What happened to Spence?

Spence Olchin, played by actor Patton Oswalt (52), was in the successful US sitcom "King of Queens" (all nine seasons "King of Queens" available on TVNOW) Doug Heffernan's childhood friend. He was a friend of Doug (played by Kevin James, 55), Deacon (Victor Williams), Richie (Larry Romano) and Doug's cousin Danny (Gary Valentine). Doug and his friends often made fun of Spence at the same time. In the men's group, he took on the role of whipping boy and mother's boy. For actor Patton Oswalt, the time after the series ended 14 years ago was all the more successful professionally - but combined with a tragic stroke of fate in private life.

Spence - a lovable nerd who still lives with his mother

At the beginning of the series, Spence still lived with his mother Veronica (Anne Meara) before moving into a shared apartment with Danny at the proud age of 29 in the fourth season. Spence is a soulful and conscientious character who, over the course of the nine "King of Queens" seasons, also developed an almost friendly relationship with Carrie Heffernans (played by Leah Remini, 50) father Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller, † 92) - even if not entirely voluntarily.

Spence made his living as a ticket seller on the New York Metro. He struggled with asthma and a peanut allergy, had little success with women, but a great preference for nerdy fantasy - in short, a lovable loser. A role that was tailor-made for Patton Oswalt, who always seems a bit sorry for him.

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"King of Queens" was Patton Oswalt's breakthrough as an actor

For Oswalt, the role as Spence marked his breakthrough as an actor. Before that, he had already shown his comic side as a stand-up comedian and writer for the series “MadTV”. After “King of Queens” ended in 2007, he appeared in several popular series such as “Two and a Half Men” (the first 6 seasons are available for streaming on TVNOW), “Modern Family” (click here for the episodes) TVNOW), "Burn Notice" (three episodes in the 6th season) and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" - mostly in short guest roles. He is currently on the sitcom "Mr. Griffin - Not in the mood for school ”, in which he plays the headmaster Ralph Durbin.

In Hollywood, too, thanks to the success of “King of Queens”, a door opened for the “Spence” actor. He played minor supporting roles in blockbusters like "Starsky & Hutch" and "Blade: Trinity". Patton Oswalt was most recently in front of the camera as Professor Dementor in the real-life version of "Kim Possible", which premiered as a television film on the US Disney Channel in 2019.

Patton Oswalt, the funny all-rounder

While he was booked for smaller supporting roles in the cinema and series business, Patton Oswalt belongs to the first guard as a dubbing actor. For example, he lent his voice to the boiling rat Rémy from “Ratatouille” and still appears regularly as a speaker in animated films and series. The somewhat dumb and timid "Spence" is really a real all-rounder. Oswalt has published several books and comics and has been a regular stand-up comedian on tour and on US television since the 1990s.

Death of his wife: Patton Oswalt's great blow

The actor and comedian suffered a great loss in his private life when his wife, crime writer Michelle McNamara, died unexpectedly in her sleep in April 2016. A fatal drug interaction and undiscovered heart disease McNamara were to blame. Oswald described the tragic accident as the "worst day of his life". He is now happily married again to actress Meredith Salenger. From his marriage to McNamara he has a daughter named Alice.