What does the number 28 mean mentally

The importance of the number seven on life

In the first seven of the year, that is Years of age from 0 to 7, the focus is on growing. From birth, the little personalities are unmistakable genetic predispositions fitted. But in order to find their way around the world, they copy the behavior of their surroundings. They eagerly absorb everything that happens around them.

That changes in second seven of the year from 7 to 14, with the beginning of puberty. Adolescents turn to their inner being. They are now emotionally reacting to everything around them. At this age, empathy is expressed. School teasing has to be dealt with. Out little egoists adolescents are slowly looking for orientation and support, also beyond the parental home. As all parents know, this is the first Step into independence.

Between 14 and 21 years we develop our personality in puberty, then as a young twenties we move in between years 21 and 28 years out to conquer the world.

Of 28 to 35 we enter into deeper ties with the partner; many are now starting their families. Outside inside. Inside Outside. They also follow this rhythm later seventh of the year, or "septnias" as author Penny McLean calls them. "A bit like the biblical seven fat and seven lean years. The lean years give us that chanceto look inward, to look at our potential. If we are ours Learning tasks are aware, then we will be rewarded for it for the next seven years. "

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