Why do I exist and live

Better to live well than simply exist

Moments in which we feel life and really feel alive, in which we are one with ourselves and the world, these moments have become rare in many people's everyday lives. Our normal day is mostly shaped by work, household chores and other daily duties. Homos Oeconomicos was caught up in the stress of everyday life. Moments of passion, enjoyment and the good life can rarely be seen. They hide too well under the guise of duties. But does this have to be the case?

Do you still exist or are you already alive?

Existence and life, two words that are similar, one is not possible without the other. I cannot live without being, but I can exist without actually living. I don't mean the word life in the biological sense, much more life in the sense of the art of living. Because this means leading a self-determined life, going your own individual path and also making changes. What for? To lead a good life, full of moments of pleasure, full of passion and constant serenity. Ok, you will now think, is this guy high now?

No, I'm not, of course there are difficult phases and duties in the life of a life artist. But with the right attitude these can be mastered. What matters is whether you are the captain of your own life or just a passenger, traveling in a direction that you cannot determine? More than three years ago I realized that I was leading an independent life, I made a career because it was respected in society, I had a loan on my cheek for a nice apartment and drove a nice car. I was a dutiful worker, trapped in the hamster wheel. I existed, but the feeling of real life had left me. But where did it go and how could I get back the feeling of living my life independently? These were the questions I asked myself over 3 years ago.

On the way to finding the right answers, I took my life into my own hands again in September 2014. I started the blog Lebenskuenstler.co and dealt with topics for a beautiful and good life. I wanted:

More self-empowerment - less outside control

More free time - less work

More serenity - less stress

More cheerfulness - less clutter

More time - fewer duties

More moments of happiness - less everyday frustration

In short, live more and exist less.

From the chaos of life to the clarity of the art of living

“No one succeeds in leading a wise lifestyle by accident. As long as you live, you have to learn how to live. ”This was once quite aptly said by the Roman philosopher Seneca. I too am constantly learning new things and having new experiences. For this blog, too, I was inspired by a wide variety of books on personality development and philosophy. I put these ideas to the test, tried them out and sometimes adapted them. Every single inspiration brought me closer to my goal of leading a self-determined and contented life. Even if it turned out that one or the other method was unsuitable for me. I have written all my experiences down here on my blog. The result is a wonderful potpourri of a wide variety of ideas and stories. Over 100,000 people have been inspired by it in recent years.

So that these articles are clear and easy to read for everyone, I made a book out of them. The title of this work is: Better to live well than simply exist: From the chaos of life to the clarity of the art of living.

In it you will find all my experiences and stories of the art of living for more clarity, self-determination and satisfaction!


Let yourself be inspired and enjoy the art of living!

best regards


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About Karl

Hi, my name is Karl. Author, resilience trainer and great friend of change. Because life means change and change makes you happy. But until that happens, it usually takes a bit of effort. That’s what this is all about. To overcome resistance in order to achieve a self-determined and serene life. If you want to take control of your life and become the captain of your own life, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find the necessary impetus to start your process of change. Let yourself be inspired and take part! Because life is far too precious to be bored in front of the television. I hope you enjoy participating!