Can I become a self-taught singer

Can everyone learn to sing?

Even if many see it differently, the answer is clear: Yes! Anyone who has a voice can basically sing or learn to sing. Because the voice is not an innate one that is fixed once and for all propertybut first and foremost a flexible, changeable one ability. So you can actually train your voice - both speaking and singing.

Unfortunately there is no magic trick, no magic bullet, no tricks on how to learn to sing better in no time. Certainly not self-taught. Why is that? You are probably familiar with this: you hear yourself differently from others. Individual feedback from outside is therefore important for effective voice work. You won't get such feedback in instructional videos, advice books - and not here on my blog either. In the worst case, you will train yourself to learn a voice technique that does more harm than good. This is exactly why you need a good singing teacher, someone who can tell you where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

If you are seriously interested in learning to sing, then take lessons. Singing teachers will give you professional feedback. Singing teachers will teach you strategies on how to unleash the potential of your voice. Singing teachers provide sheet music, they accompany you on the piano and of course they also show you exercises on how to improve your voice in a targeted manner. The nice thing about it: Singing is fun! A directory of professional singing teachers in the entire German-speaking area can be found on the website of the Association of German Singers.