What makes you think

The wave
by Morton Rhue


"How does fascism come about? A young teacher decides to do an unusual experiment. He wants to prove to his students that susceptibility to fascist behavior and thinking is always and everywhere there. But the" movement "that he initiates threatens him and his plans The experiment is spiraling out of control. "


This book is about the history teacher Ben and his students at an American high school. In the history lesson they are going through the Nazi era in Germany and the students wonder why the Germans ran with the Nazis and did nothing to stop the madness. Then Ben made the decision to show the students by means of an experiment how people react when they suddenly belong to a group and have a leader. As was to be expected, this experiment is a sure-fire success and Ben can just stop it before worse happens.

My opinion

This novel is based on a true story in an American high school. In 1967 the history teacher Ron Jones carried out the experiment described under the name "The Thrid Wave" at a high school in Palo Alto.

I think it's good that this book is part of the school reading and that every student has to deal with it. On the basis of this experiment you can see how quickly a person can be influenced, only a leader has to come along, have a good approach and many people switch off their own thinking and just follow. It's frightening to see how quickly an actually well-intentioned experiment becomes a self-runner, suddenly previously recognized people are outsiders just because they don't want to run with the crowd.

This novel is not full of suspense and it is also relatively simple. He is truly not a masterpiece of writing. The topic is dealt with in simple words and without any twists and turns in the story. And that's precisely why I think that he can bring the subject across to the young people very well.


It is a very successful book on a serious topic, through which the students can learn a lot.