Why did Future Trunks kill Frieza

Why is Zamasu living in the future when he was killed by Lord Beerus in Dragon Ball Super?

It all starts with Trunks in the Android saga

Future Trunks lived in a very bleak future and was cornered when Gohan's death and Super Saiyan transformation weren't strong enough to stop Android's 17 and 18. So the time machine comes to save Goku from dying of a heart virus.

As Trunks traveled backwards through time, he created a branching timeline. Let's call today's world World A (where Trunks Mecha-Frieza pwns) and the other world world B (androids destroy s ***). Now nothing Trunks does in either world will affect the other, as they are two separate timelines.

Because Trunks broke the taboo by going backwards.

It was mentioned in Super that every time time has traveled the other way round, a time ring is created, which is the representation of a new universe that is being created.

Fast forward to Dragon Ball Super

Now in DBS, Buu was never revived in World B because Trunks killed Babidi and Dabura due to a power buff he received from training with Supreme Kai and Kibito with the Z sword. In the manga, however, it is revealed that the fight with Dabura has taken a sharp downturn, as not only was the Z-sword turned to stone and wiped out (e.g. Grandpa Supreme Kai sealed in it was killed). but Dabura killed Kibito and Babidi killed Supreme Kai.

We already know that no Supreme Kai = no God of Destruction, aka no Beerus, because their existence is a multitude. Which is not the same as any Whis, because Whis is an angel who only exists to serve the God of Destruction. This also means that the Potara Fusion and Elder Kai unlock abilities are not present in World B.

While watching the Gowasu in World B, it was shown in the anime that he was murdered by Zamasu, who took a time ring and collected the Super Dragon Balls and wished for Goku's body.

With this time ring he went into the past of World B.

This is where it gets difficult

Since Black, like Trunks, was traveling backwards, he set a new timeline. In this world C he was still a simple old Zamasu, but intended to kill Gowasu since he had just played with Goku.

Black killed Gowasu for the second time and influenced his past self to join him. This world B past tense Zamasu collected the Super Dragon Balls and wished for an immortal body. With this, the immortal Zamasu got a new time ring from Black's inversion, which allowed both of them to return to World B and kill all gods of every universe in this timeline.

The real kick in the chops

So Beerus found out, got angry, and killed Zamasu in World A. That doesn't mean anything for two reasons: First, Beerus' actions don't matter in this world, as Trunks have already separated the timelines in Dragon Ball Z; second, even if God has affected the timeline differently through a certain amount of imagination, it doesn't matter because of the power of the time ring.


  • What happened to Universe C?
  • What happened to the earth in universe C? Since there would be 2 trunks in this case (I have no idea what the plural of trunks is).
  • Why were there about five time rings in the episode where Gowasu revealed her? Trunks didn't jump back and forth five times. Or does he have? What is the difference between a green and a white ring?

NOTE: Because of this, it turns out that unless it's Steins, anime is always bad; Gate. <3

EDIT: Finally done !! Getting all of these screenshots was a chore, but I think my answer is as thorough as possible.

EDIT: Episode 67 of Super shows why there are so many time rings. The answer is: 2 for Trunks, 1 for Cell, 1 for Black, 1 for Beerus and 1 for Whis = 6 time rings as shown below.


Cell also traveled back in time, so it is possible that Cell created an alternate universe as well.

Zibadawa Timmy

Didn't the Z-Warriors travel back in time and space to fight Saiyans (as training) in the hyperbolic time chamber?

Zibadawa Timmy

@KazRodgers Saiyans were already a species with only 4 members at the time, including Goku (but not Gohan). They are highly unlikely to be future Saiyans, and I thought it was specifically stated that they are from the past.

Call at

@zibadawatimmy No, actually that wasn't the hyperbolic time chamber. That was the pendulum space and allows the mind to project at any point in time. It's not a physical time travel. Reference here: dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Pendulum_Room

David H.

@KazRodgers At least one other time ring can also be assigned to trunks. Two rings are from the first and second time Trunks traveled back in time. A third is created by Cell while traveling back in time. But something special happens during Cell's journey into the past because Cell interacts with Trunks before his second journey back into the future. Because of this, Trunks created in the future Timeline a new branch when he goes home after the Cell Games.