How do cats show that they own you

When your cat does this, she really loves you

Cat love is something very beautiful - but you have to earn this love. Scientists recently discovered that love for people is also in the genes. DeinTierwelt explains how you can tell if your cat really loves you.

Like parents, like children

Research has shown that love for cats is passed on to two-legged friends. The formula is: If both parents are real human friends, then the offspring will also be fond of humans. And that means a lot, because cats check carefully to whom they give trust, friendship and love.

This also applies to relationships with conspecifics: If you don't like each other, cats can really get into trouble. The chemistry has to be right and with siblings it works best with harmony.

Cat love is based on good experiences

This shows that people can imagine themselves being loved by their cats. The behavioral heritage is also based on positive experiences made with people. This means that, regardless of the gene pool, there is a lot you can do to love cats: petting, cuddling, enough food at fixed times, taking the hunting instinct into account when playing games, movement and affection are the best ingredients.

The prey is a gift of love

But how do you know if the cat loves you? When Mieze comes back from the hunt with all the prey, then she has given you a caring gift, because she feeds you, so to speak. Because she expects thanks and praise for it, you should be happy and dispose of the dead mouse if Mieze doesn't see it.

Massage with the paws is affection

Another sign of affection is the massage: the cat lies on the lap, is petted and presses with the paws into the thighs of the person. What a massage! But be careful: when love increases, it can forget to retract its claws. Well, mistakes can happen ...

Give your head as a proof of love

The giving of the head is also a proof of love. If the cat does this not only as a benevolent greeting by rubbing its body and head against your legs, but also rubbing its head against your head, then that is love.

It marks you with the scent glands and says with it: This person belongs to me.

The stomach is shown with confidence

The stomach is the most sensitive part of the cat. If she is injured there, it could possibly be fatal. All the greater is the vote of confidence when she offers you the belly to scratch and stroke. Therefore, never poke in the stomach - not even jokingly, because the cat trusts in your protection.

Love bites on the fingers

Some fur noses bite their fingers gently. These are little love bites indeed. Love becomes audible when it purrs near you. That means: I feel good, I am fine and that's why I love you. Cats also show their love when they run after you or when the tip of the raised tail gets a kink.

Spendable revenge for love for people

The cat's love for humans is also worthwhile for the four-legged friend. The German Animal Welfare Association has found out about 11,000 euros in 16 years for the welfare of their cats. Those who are loved by the cat willingly spend this money to make the cat happy.

But cats who work as therapists and, for example, make disabled, lonely and sick people happy, deserve it in particular. This, too, is a kind of love service of the velvet paw.

1st place for so much cat love

So much cat love for humans also justifies their first place among domestic animals in Germany. According to the Central Association of Zoological Companies, there are around eight million cat owners in this country. Around two thirds of them have a cat and one third lives with two or more cats. In total, there is a total of around 13.7 million house cats in Germany.