What does red wine go well with?

7 irresistible cocktails with wine - unusual to classic!

You might be interested in that too Wines from Piedmont - stored underground, good above ground

With this blog entry we take you to Piedmont, a north-western region of Italy. Why? Because there is more to discover there than you might think, especially if you are a wine lover. Wines from Piedmont are not only extremely tasty, they also have a special connection with the region and mysterious storage methods. [...]

Ramazzotti Recipes: Sweet Ideas for the Italian Bitter

Tu mi piaci - I like you. That was the slogan for the famous Italian herbal bitter Ramazzotti. We also really like the liqueur from Italy. It is high time that we deal extensively with the dark bitters. So throw on your favorite Eros Ramazzotti CD! We focus on [...]

Jagertee - an Austrian specialty

When it gets dark early and it's really cold outside, we like to drink something hot. Mulled wine and punch are of course also very popular with us, but today we would like to recommend an Austrian classic to you: Jagertee. The possible spellings are varied - but whether Jagertee, Jagatee or J├Ągertee - what is meant is always a delicious [...]