How do I find a railroad job

Attractive jobs. Secure employment.

Many advantages for employees.

Good pay.

Yes, you read that right - on the other hand, many rumors and past reports in the media of poor pay in connection with temporary work have always been paid over-tariff and appropriately - in terms of qualifications and experience. And the minimum wage, widely discussed in the media, has been around for a long time. An hourly wage of 14 euros and more is not uncommon for skilled workers; even unskilled employees in the helper area are usually paid 10 euros per hour. There are also special payments such as vacation or Christmas bonuses. This also explains why more and more highly paid positions such as engineers, foremen or project managers are being filled through temporary employment.

Open-ended contracts.

With us, your employment contracts are open-ended from the first day, unless there is, for example, an explicit request on your part to only want to work with us for a certain period of time. That means you are permanently employed with us - with all social benefits, vacation entitlements and collectively agreed entitlements as well as continued payment in the event of illness.

Excellent stepping stone.

Not only that we support young people with the entry - or many employees also with the re-entry - into working life through temporary employment. More and more often it is the stepping stone to a permanent position at one of our partner companies. Because many entrepreneurs use the opportunity to first get to know employees flexibly without great bureaucratic effort in the context of temporary employment. Afterwards, it is generally quite uncomplicated to take on a permanent employment relationship.

Diverse service.

We offer you a comprehensive package:

  • With temporary employment, we put together a service offer for you in order to find the right job for you - with an open-ended employment contract at conditions that are more than impressive.
  • Together with you, we will find the right job profile on the entrepreneurial side.
  • You benefit from our experience and our network - we have long-standing contacts and actively suggest you to our partner companies. In this regard, they are happy to rely on our assessments in relation to our personnel proposals. Even if your résumé may not quite have the common thread, you have a good chance of being used.
  • We will introduce you personally to our customers.
  • You will not only get free tips from us for your professional advancement, but you will always have a contact person for all questions about your working life - we are really there for you.

And last but not least: We keep our promises!

Take your chance and apply directly. Whether in person at a consultation appointment, which you can easily arrange on 02206 8652290, or at our free job portal. Of course you can also send us an email.