Aging is just another word to life


Life: the human existence in the picture

The word Life has found its way into numerous idioms. To the existence as such it goes in the formulation risk your life so take a big risk. who sells his life dearly, fights back to the last. Saving the bare life means to lose everything else and only Get away with life.
On the Way of life aim twists like eke out his life or fight your way through life that indicate poverty. The same goes for the phrase too little to live, too much to die. Who against it look forward to his life can, who lives without worries.
A big / sweet life who leads an elaborate lifestyle maintains. Something for his life to do means to "enjoy doing something". Know how to live means "to be a life artist". Liberality and tolerance expresses the phrase Live and let live out. Someone make life sour on the other hand means "to cause trouble for someone". A reinforcement of that pushes the turn make someone's life hell out. On Life in the sense of Hustle and bustle and activity sayings like Bring life into the house,there is life here or that Life (and hustle and bustle) on the street.
The phrase also belongs here taken from life, expresses authenticity, and something as like in real life describes. Life in the sense of Lifetime is meant when from Spring of life, of youth, or of Autumn of life, the age that is being talked about. Have your life behind you is a paraphrase for "to be old". who hovers between life and death, is terminally ill or in mortal danger. This also applies to someone whose Life by a thread depends or where it to life and death goes.
In a figurative sense, the expression becomes bring into being second hand. It means "to found something or to create something new". The phrase from Seriousness of life, by which the time after school enrollment is meant (»Now the Seriousness of life«). Under the school of Life on the other hand, one understands experiences that one has in the course of life.