Why common mistakes are often made by executives

Leadership error: Toxic leadership

A bad boss makes the job torture - but the performance of a manager is not only a big factor for employees. The entire department and in the worst case (especially in smaller companies) the entire company suffers from the management mistakes of a single person.

The consequences of toxic leadership are far-reaching:

  • Dissatisfied employees
    If the boss does not understand his trade, the first thing to notice is the employees who work directly with him. Dissatisfaction and a lack of motivation are only a matter of time when frustration and anger build up over the supervisor every day.
  • Poor results
    If the performance is not right, troubleshooting usually begins with the employees. A common reason for poor results, however, is leadership mistakes from the executive floor. And annoyed employees don't give 100 percent either.
  • Bad image
    Review portals or the experience reports from former employees ensure that a company quickly gains the reputation of a bad employer. This can lead to long-term problems in personnel policy when talented candidates prefer to go to the competition.
  • High turnover rate
    The boss is not everything in the job, but he is one of the most common reasons for resigning. A company loses important know-how due to management errors, which then goes directly to the competition. And of course there are costs associated with a replacement.

Leadership failure: poor leadership skills

Leading teams and assuming responsibility for personnel is not easy. And not everyone is suitable for this position. Although there are many training courses or advanced training courses that aim to prepare for the role of the supervisor, some qualities should ideally already be present in order to form the perfect leader.

Likewise, when selecting future managers, care should be taken to sort out bad leadership qualities or to combat them as early as possible. We have listed some traits that a boss should NOT have:

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