Gift cards can be canceled

Package tour canceled due to Corona: accept vouchers?

If the tour operator offers you a voucher, you now basically have two options:

  1. Accept voucher: If you don't need the money urgently and want to act out of solidarity with the tour operator, you can accept the voucher, especially if it has a higher value (some providers want to keep you as a customer and offer vouchers that have a higher value than the original one Travel price). If the trip was booked before March 8, 2020 and the organizer offers a voucher, this must be insolvency-protected. For bookings after March 8, 2020, there is usually no insolvency-protected voucher. Since the entire travel industry is in great financial difficulties, we therefore strongly advise against accepting a voucher if it does not have insolvency protection.
  2. Claim money back: If you need the money and do not want to get involved in a voucher solution, you should contact the package tour provider and insist on the reimbursement of the payments made so far. You should set a deadline of 14 days. If you want to claim your money back, you can use our free sample letter. If the provider does not react, only legal recourse remains.

If the sample letter does not yet lead to the desired result, you first have the option of filing a dunning procedure against the provider before filing an expensive lawsuit. This is easy to do and does not cost much. If the provider does not pay and does not raise an objection, you have an enforceable title. Our experience shows that dunning procedures are successful due to the clear legal situation. In a separate article, we explain how you can set the dunning procedure in motion.

Conditions for state coverage of vouchers

If you decide on a voucher, the following conditions should be met, which the federal government also refers to in a press release:

The travel voucher itself must - in addition to its value - contain the following information:

  • that it was issued because of the COVID19 pandemic and how long it is valid,
  • that the customer can request immediate reimbursement of advance payments made if he has not redeemed the voucher within its validity period,
  • that the voucher is additionally secured by a state guarantee in the event of the tour operator's insolvency.

If you have received vouchers from tour operators for trips booked before March 8, 2020, which cannot be carried out due to the corona pandemic, instead of immediate reimbursement, these will be adapted to the requirements of the law.