Appreciate life

Appreciate the little things in life

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronically progressive neurological disease that affects the central nervous system. The disease causes lesions (damage) and sclerosis (scars) in the brain and spinal cord. Inflammatory reactions lead to the breakdown of the insulating myelin layer, which means that these nerve fibers can no longer transmit impulses. As a result, the disease brings with it serious symptoms, such as visual disturbances, muscle weakness, muscle stiffness (spasticity), pain, sexual dysfunction, sensory disorders, numbness of the limbs, etc. There is currently no form of therapy with which this disease can be cured, but one can Use various medications and therapies to reduce the symptoms or delay their occurrence.

Our client, who suffers from this disease, is a passionate and enthusiastic artist, husband, football fan, father and grandfather. He used to enjoy physical activities such as jogging and cycling. For several years, such activities have not been on his daily schedule due to his illness. He told me how he felt while jogging that the strength in his leg was decreasing and he was buckling, so unexpectedly. He felt nervous about going to the doctor, but after a while he had no other choice and had to get the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis from the doctor. While he was telling me so depressed about the course of his illness, I got goose bumps and glassy eyes. At the end he said: “And now I am sitting in a wheelchair and can no longer go jogging. At the time I took it for granted, but it's not. ”Today he is already very happy when he can stand for a few seconds during the mobilization. My professional trainer does a standing training session with him every week. This of course also includes a list of record times, his best time is 1 minute and 7 seconds.

Working with him has shown me again that you have to appreciate the little things in life. Because they are not as small as we think they are. Be it healthy legs, eyesight or other functions of the body that we take for granted and normal.