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Ideas for the holidays - part 1

Don't give holiday frustration a chance: 20 great ideas

Anyone who has to spend their holidays at home while others travel the world can get in a bad mood. The six weeks of summer vacation in particular stretch like chewing gum. But regardless of whether it's summer, Easter or Christmas holidays: These ideas provide variety and easily remove any holiday frustration!

1. Discover your own city as a tourist.

Not only London, Paris or Madrid have a lot to offer: Even the smallest town has exciting corners that you have never seen before. Find out what your city lists and / or advertises as attractions on the Internet. Then create your own sightseeing plan and deliberately move through your city like a tourist. I bet that you will discover a lot more new things - and that you will see your city with completely different eyes afterwards!

2. Organize a change of scenery and take a short trip.

This can be a city trip for a few days, but also just a day at the seaside, in the neighboring country or just in the neighboring city. You certainly don't have to travel far to suddenly find yourself in a completely different environment.

3. Mutier to your heart's content into a bookworm.

Regardless of whether you are already infected with the reading bug and are “working through” your long list of books or whether reading is rather exotic for you: Buy yourself a great novel and immerse yourself completely in the strange world. Professional tip to increase the fun factor: Create a special environment. Find a nice spot, for example under an old tree or on the stairs in front of a statue in the middle of the city. Or read like a child with the flashlight under the covers.

4. Face the "swimming pool challenge".

Find all swimming pools, thermal baths or spa facilities in your area. Do one bath at a time and consciously challenge yourself to try everything possible. Finally jump off the ten, go to the Finnish sauna or race down the wild water slide: only pinching is forbidden!

5. Take over your kitchen.

Cooking and baking is a matter of practice. Just use your free time to try a little something. Whether veggie lasagna, roast or motif cake: Cooking and baking is fun and a great activity. Of course, you can nibble to your heart's content - and afterwards make your friends and / or family happy with the delicious results.

6. Let your creativity run wild and tackle an art project.

Those who do artistic work not only clear their heads and train their creativity. Afterwards there is real “pride in the work”, that is, pride in what you have achieved or what you have created. We have collected five ideas for beautiful creative projects here. By the way, you don't have to be a born artist or do-it-yourselfer: You can create great things even without great artistic and manual talent.

7. Convert the garden into a campground.

It doesn't have to be a real journey - you can also provide a little travel feeling at home. How about, for example, if you pitch a tent in the garden? Perhaps you can also invite a friend on a camping trip with perhaps the shortest journey ever. If you have a grill or a fireplace, you can bake stick bread in the evening and tell creepy stories - and sleep under the starry sky at night.

8. Write a diary, create lists or start your personal project.

Journaling is nowhere near as cheesy as you might think. It can even be very helpful to organize your thoughts and record what you have experienced. Alternatively, you can make different lists. What do you want to try and achieve in the next 6 months? What should your life look like in 10 years? What are you planning for the next school year? Of course, you can also start other projects - tinkering with an invention or finally writing a short story, for example.

9. Have a party, but take it easy.

How about a slumber party? Sitting comfortably together, watching films, ordering pizza and chatting and laughing all night long: invite a few friends over and ask them to bring sleeping clothes. Hello Kitty leggings and monster slippers not only bring a lot of laughs - they increase the cosiness and ensure that everyone feels at home.

10. Get moving and try a new sport.

Regardless of whether it's a trend sport or you've just always wanted to play tennis: Use your free time to get a taste of a sport. If there are appropriate dates during the holidays, you can also look for a self-defense course. A little exercise is definitely good - and helps you avoid the ceiling falling on your head at home.

But that's exactly why we have ten more ideas up our sleeve: Part two of the 20 holiday ideas.