What kind of iPhone are you buying

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If you want to buy a new iPhone from Apple, you have not only had the choice between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro since October: Apple also produces and sells models from the two previous years, iPhone XR and iPhone 8. The models iPhone 7, XS and iPhone X, on the other hand, are only slowly disappearing from the market. Like every year, a lot of used devices come into circulation with the new iPhones, after all, many buyers of the new iPhones want to finance the purchase at least in part by selling the one or two year old device - for example with the old iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7th

In particular, the devices from two years ago can often be found on the second-hand market after the expiry of the contracts concluded for them, but the iPhone XR and iPhone XS models, which are now just a year old, can also be bought on the second-hand market at low prices. Many iPhone users still get a new device every year without a contract.

In the following, we explain what you as a buyer have to consider in order not to be disappointed by the bargain - and in which cases the new purchase could be worthwhile.

Today we would recommend iPhones older than the iPhone 7 - like the SE and 6S - only to a very limited extent. These devices can still be used sensibly by frugal people today, but we would no longer buy them today as a bargain. It is likely that they will no longer be officially supported by Apple for several years and important security updates will no longer be available.

New old iPhones at Apple

The prices for the new entry-level models fell surprisingly with the introduction of the iPhone 11 - this is also good for used buyers, as it lowers the prices for used models from the previous year such as the iPhone XR and iPhone 8.

Positioned as the entry-level model, the iPhone 11 with 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB now costs 799, 849 and 969 euros, respectively (the XR appeared for 849, 909 and 1019 euros, respectively). The prices of the more expensive models, however, remained the same: Here the iPhone 11 Pro still costs 1149, 1319 and 1549 euros in the same capacities. As has long been customary, Apple also offers some “previous year's models” as inexpensive alternatives. This role is currently fulfilled by the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR, and the iPhone 8 in both the standard and plus versions. These models have become cheaper, although the iPhone 8 at 529 euros is actually still not a real bargain, but the iPhone 7 has often been in stores for well under 400 euros. The iPhone XR, which Apple is now selling for 699 euros, is also much more modern.

A special feature: Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are only available as new devices in the two capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB. The 128 GB model is new and a particularly interesting version: the iPhone 8 has never been available with 128 GB of storage, only as a 64 and 256 GB version. With 64 GB of memory you won't get very far these days and the model with the usable 128 GB capacity is only slightly more expensive at 579.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 are particularly recommended as used devices: The lightweight and compact iPhone 7 has been on the market since 2016 and is only available from specialist retailers. It still offers acceptable performance and a usable camera. It was the first iPhone to be protected against moisture, but unfortunately also the first model without a headphone input. The Plus model was also the first model with an additional telecamera. However, we would not recommend the Jet Black model, this model is notoriously sensitive to scratches - and hardly needed without them. The iPhone 8 is more expensive, but offers an even better camera, wireless charging and an elegant, albeit fragile, glass back.

Some inexpensive offers compete with buying a used vehicle. The two models are often much cheaper in specialist shops than in the Apple Store, which saves on average around ten to 15 percent compared to the Apple price. In particular, the iPhone 7 was even available for under 400 euros in special offers. These bargains are mostly the basic version, the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of storage. With only 32 GB of storage capacity, you have to be restrained when it comes to storage space consumption, which is particularly difficult for beginners.

The biggest advantage of a new purchase: It is a new device, which has a positive effect on the performance of the battery. After two years of more or less intensive use, the wear and tear is usually clearly noticeable. But used vehicles also have their advantages, not only in terms of price. In addition to Apple's one-year guarantee, the seller also has a warranty obligation - if, for example, the battery suddenly fails.