What is windchill

What is the wind chill?

W.hat has the wind to do with it?

First of all: the perceived temperature is not an imagination. There is a purely physical temperature that the thermometer shows. And there is a temperature that depends on how people feel.

Like air temperature, the temperature you feel can be expressed in numbers, but it is far more complicated to determine. The difference between the temperature stated in the weather report and the perceived temperature is called "wind chill". Translated it means "wind chill" or "wind chill".

Shivering in the cold

The wind chill effect is caused by the fact that the warm air near the surface of the skin is blown away by a cold wind. The body tries to regulate this, resulting in a strong loss of heat. The cooling of the skin by a stream of air is perceived as cold.

And you can imagine: the stronger the wind blows, the greater the cooling effect. The effect is based on temperatures of 10 degrees and less. And thus below what people find comfortable. The heat index is used for temperatures above this.

The climate Michel freezes

In order to calculate how people feel cold or warm, the German Weather Service has designed a model that takes into account the heat balance of people: the Klima-Michel. He represents the average German.

The Klima-Michel is 1.74 meters tall, weighs 75 kilograms and is around 35 years old. The meteorologists at the German Weather Service include clothing - from T-shirts to winter coats - as well as an average activity in their analysis.

Translated for our everyday life, the Klima-Michel would walk all day at four kilometers per hour. Very few will recognize themselves in this model. but that is not the point.

The Windchill information is intended as a rough guide. And especially for mountaineers and skiers in the high mountains as well as scientists in polar regions, the wind chill temperature is an important information in order to better assess the risk of frostbite.

How to calculate the wind chill yourself

This formula can be used to calculate the perceived temperature. To do this, you have to know how many degrees it is outside (T) and how strong the wind is blowing (V). If you put the values ​​in the following formula, you get the wind chill (W) in degrees Celsius.

W = 13.12 + 0.6215 × T - 11.37 × V ^ (0.16) + 0.3965 × T × V ^ (0.16)

An example: With an air temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and a wind speed of 50 kilometers per hour, the wind chill temperature is around 5.5 degrees Celsius.

If this is too complicated for you, one of the many Windchill websites is recommended. Enter the air temperature and wind speed in the boxes provided and press "Enter" - done!