How do I prepare for chemical engineering

Chemical engineering study preparation?


a few weeks ago I finally got my high school diploma!

Studying is now starting, the only question is where? In addition, I am doing school training to become a chemical and technical assistant in parallel with my Abitur. I'm currently doing an internship, then the exams come and then the studies begin.

I would like to become an engineer, although the question arises as to whether you can even give yourself the title of engineer with a Master of Engineer.

What is the big difference between chemical engineering and a normal chemistry degree? In which big companies can you work as a chemical engineer and what do you earn? Does the salary increase if you work there longer or is a tariff fixed?

Please don't google me now! I've already tried that, but you can hear something different everywhere and I would like to hear my own experiences.

I applied to the Krefeld University of Applied Sciences. I'm not sure about that because it's just a university of applied sciences and not a university. How about the chances later?

Likewise at the TU Dortmund. I am very impressed by this one and I tend towards it! Does anyone have any experience?

I already have commitments from Krefeld and Aachen!

Aachen is again an elite university for chemistry, but there is no such thing as an engineer ... I am totally confused and really don't know what to do.

Please give me a few tips, I'm the first student in the family!

Thanks in advance!