What are your resolutions for 2019

Good resolutions: More and more Bavarians are planning online breaks

With good resolutions at the turn of the year, the desire for more “online breaks” is increasing: in 2019, almost a quarter of Bavarians want to limit media consumption. That is five percentage points more than in the previous year. Among those under 30, 42 percent plan to be offline more. This is shown by a current and representative Forsa study * for Bavaria on behalf of DAK-Gesundheit. The number one good resolution in the Free State is more time for family and friends (62 percent). Stress reduction (61 percent) and more exercise (57 percent) follow in second and third place. Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml and DAK regional director Sophie Schwab want to encourage people in the Free State to use the turn of the year for a positive change.

For the year that is now coming to an end, 37 percent of Bavarians had good resolutions and one in two managed to stick to them permanently. However, almost one in four gave up after a month at the latest. “First of all, you should be clear about what the good intentions mean in concrete terms and what changes it has for everyday life,” says Sophie Schwab, head of the state representation of DAK-Gesundheit in Bavaria. It is also important to set a realistic goal for a specific period of time. Schwab advises: “Plan small steps, reward yourself for success and treat yourself to something nice. But you should also plan for failures from the outset. They happen to all of us. This is completely normal. “It is important to stay tuned and to consider the next step: What could be holding me back and how do I deal with these obstacles?

Health Minister Melanie Huml emphasizes: "It is my goal that even more people actively take care of their health. With our Bavarian prevention plan we support healthy lifestyles and the creation of healthy living environments for all age groups. It is particularly important to me to give children a healthy start in life to enable. "

Men want to pay more attention to diet and weight

Almost half of the respondents want to pay more attention to a healthy diet from the New Year. More than one in three (36 percent) would like to lose weight - that is five percentage points more than in the previous year. Men mention these resolutions more often than women: 54:43 with a healthy diet and 38:33 with weight loss.

For every third party, the partner gives the impetus

DAK-Gesundheit also asks about the motivation for a healthier life: Almost three out of four respondents (72 percent) cite personal feelings as a reason for making resolutions. For 53 percent, an acute illness is the reason to pay more attention and 49 percent feel that their doctor has asked them to. Every third person is motivated because the partner gives the impetus. One in ten feels encouraged by online programs such as coaching or apps. DAK-Gesundheit supports you with numerous online coaching, for example on the topics of nutrition, fitness, back and smoking cessation. If you want less stress, the health insurance company has recently started to support the insured with the "anti-stress coach". It helps to recognize and understand the personal reasons for stress and to remedy the causes.

The most common resolutions of Bavaria for 2019:

1. More time for family and friends (62 percent)
2. Avoid / reduce stress (61 percent)
3. Exercise more / sport (57 percent)
4. More time for yourself (52 percent)
5. Eat healthier (49 percent)
6. Lose weight (36 percent)
7. Be more economical (30 percent)
8. Less cell phone, computer, internet (24 percent)
9. Watch less TV (20 percent)
10. Drink less alcohol (15 percent)
11. Quit smoking (12 percent)

* Representative population survey by Forsa für die DAK-Gesundheit, November 9th to 30th, 2018, 1,004 respondents in Bavaria.