What are the benefits of building signage

A claim and a trademark were developed for CAR SERVICE CENTER and various applications were conceived, designed and implemented. The claim and the trademark offer the company many advantages in brand development.

Building signage

The word / picture mark above a hall gate to the workshop

At first glance, the trademark clearly differentiates the company from the competition. The company presents the logo in a serious, competent and modern way. Three elements form the figurative mark and timelessly visualize a down-to-earth company in the industry. The focus of the design is on the industry affiliation, not on the company's current range of services. In this way, the company can expand its range of services over time. The figurative mark is always associated with car-related service.

The design of the word mark CAR SERVICE CENTER has the advantage that the word mark can be combined with different company locations.


The striking word and image mark works in a fraction of a second as you drive past the building. The sign has the same effect in a very small space. The word / figurative mark already marks thousands of license plates on an area of ​​around one by two centimeters. The trademark has become a popular figure for customers. You like to show yourself with this sign.

The word / figurative mark on passing cars, even on the license plates, is noticed positively from a distance of a few meters. The new office equipment also gives customers and suppliers a competent and serious impression.

The striking trademark quickly attracts attention in marketing communications and advertisements. The word / figurative mark conveys positive values ​​to the subconscious and works in the smallest of spaces and from a great distance.


Studio Schiele developed the claim "We speak automobiles" for the company a few years after the trademark. The master workshop was looking for a claim that, together with the word / figurative mark, characterizes a down-to-earth and reliable company that understands cars from different brands equally well.


The trademark, the claim and the dissemination via the media have many advantages for the company.

CAR SERVICE CENTER differentiates its services visibly and in terms of content from the competition of the same kind. As the company's distinctive and smallest sender, the logo advertises in a wide variety of ways. In the external image, the claim and the word / figurative mark support the image building and the level of awareness. In terms of self-image, they increase the employee's sense of togetherness.

In terms of communication, the company saves marketing expenses, as the striking design of the trademark is noticed very quickly even in the smallest of advertising spaces.