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PageRank Plugins Term Explanation and Definition

For webmasters who are concerned with building links on their website, PageRank is still one of the most important factors. No key figure plays a greater role in Google's algorithms than it does. In the search for backlink sources, browser plugins help immensely, which indicate the PageRank of the accessed page and thus give the webmaster an important indication of whether it is worthwhile to include them in his backlink portfolio.


Many webmasters mistakenly assume that the PageRank would indicate the position, or also the rank of a page ("Page") in a fictitious list of websites. In doing so, they succumb to a widespread error that derives from the name of the inventor of the PageRank algorithm: Larry Page, who later founded Google together with David Brin, developed the algorithm named after him during his studies at Stanford University. In simple terms, the PageRank shows the weight of a website. It is based on the strength and number of networking with other websites. The more other pages refer to your own, the higher the PageRank will be. However, not every website is equivalent. The more websites with a high PageRank that are collected, the better. Link partners with a low pagerank can have a disruptive effect in a portfolio.
The PageRank algorithm simulates a random Internet user. The probability with which this fictitious user comes across a website is ultimately correlated with the PageRank. The quality of the content does not matter. This is exactly what the criticism of numerous webmasters at PageRank is linked to. They criticize the fact that this key figure can be manipulated far too easily and can be falsified strongly through practices such as link buying. As a result, high-quality websites may be pushed to the back positions, while inferior ones, due to their strong networking, end up in the front positions. Instead, they demand to rely on the visitor appeal and the reception of the content and not to allow the valuable positions in the SERPs to be falsified by such quantitative key figures.
The PageRank scale ranges from 0 - 10. The value 0 stands for non-indexed and penalized pages, but also for websites with a very low degree of networking. Most websites can be found in the 1 - 2 range, which is still considered to be low in Google parlance, but overall it is the standard on the Internet. In this respect, websites with a supposedly average PageRank of 3 - 4 can be regarded as excellent link partners. It should be noted that values ​​from 8 onwards can no longer be achieved by normal websites. These are reserved for large internet companies and multinationals. Values ​​between 5-7 are rarely found and suggest an excellent job of SEO and are therefore the adornment of every backlink portfolio.

PageRank plugins at a glance

Nevertheless, the PageRank is one of the most important variables that webmasters have to deal with today if they want to effectively promote a web project. To make your work easier, there are a number of plugins for the browser that display the PagRank of the website you are visiting and, in some cases, also provide valuable information.

Google toolbar

The Google toolbar should be of particular interest to beginners. Not only because it is already part of the standard repertoire of many Internet users, but above all because it does not cause confusion through too many technical gadgets. The main functions of the toolbar are undoubtedly the search slot and the "+1" button. In addition, it also shows the PageRank and can therefore also provide valuable services to webmasters who are just taking their first steps in link building.

Page rank checker

Page Rank Checker is a free Firefox plug-in to check Google PageRank from various websites on Firefox browsers. The Firefox plugin is a simple and popular plugin in Firefox add-on memory to track the page rank of websites. Before installing this plugin, make sure that add-on bar is enabled from the browser's tools menu. After installing the plugin, you can access every website for which you know the pagerank. You can see the website's pagerank in the add-on bar below.

TYC + PR indicator

The TYC + PR Indicator is a free add-on for Mozilla's Firefox and Chrome that, in addition to Google's PageRank, also represents the indicator of the Russian search engine Yandex. The plug-in can be installed easily as usual and is very clear to use. When surfing a website, the PageRank is determined in real time. For webmasters who are not only active in the German-speaking and English Internet, it is certainly not the first choice due to its additional functions. For those who also take care of Russian web projects, this plugin is an absolute must.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis Tool is also a free Firefox add-on. In addition to the PageRank, the Alexa Rank, Dmoz Listing, Yahoo Backlinks, Domain Age, mozRank and Domain Hammer values ​​are also displayed. It is therefore clear that this is an extremely powerful tool that is more suited to the needs of experienced webmasters. For beginners, the large amount of information can quickly become confusing. Since all values ​​are displayed in the browser's toolbar, it makes a somewhat cluttered impression. In order to counteract this, information that is not required can be removed with a click. Overall, a clear recommendation for professionals.

Page Rank Client

The PageRank Client is a very simple plug-in for Firefox that only focuses on its essential function. After installing the client, the PR of the visited page is displayed directly. This plugin does not have any additional functions, which makes it the first choice for purists. Even beginners in the area of ​​link building can make friends with the client very quickly thanks to the clear design and its high level of user-friendliness. In the long run, however, this will have to give way to a competitor with a wider range of features.

PageRank for Firefox

PageRank for Firefox is a free Firefox plug-in that displays the Google Page Rank of any website in the Firefox browser. This plugin differs from the others presented here in a few ways. It is shown as a small icon at the top right of the browser window. Chrome fans should remember this position of the extensions there. The biggest advantage of PageRank for Firefox is the ability to simultaneously display the PR of all currently loaded websites, regardless of which tab you are currently in. This function can quickly prove to be helpful, especially for extensive research.


Even this small selection shows that the market for PR plugins is relatively large and can quickly appear clear to beginners. Which plugin you ultimately choose depends primarily on the requirements of your own work. A clear recommendation can therefore not be given.

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