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Fake or fact? 8 Common Travel Myths: True Or False?

How about reserving a towel at the pool? Numerous circulate during vacation timeTravel myths, where many vacationers do not know exactly what is right and what is not. We clarify the most common Errors around the subject of travel on.

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Myth 1: I can cancel my online booking for free

Unfortunately, this is not true. The 14-day Right of withdrawal for goods purchased online, according to § 312g paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB) Travel bookings are not included. If you do not want to take the booked trip, you usually have to cancel - to the conditions and fees of the tour operator.

Myth 2: Where my towel is is reserved for me

Get up briefly in the morning Reserve a lounger with the towel and then sleep a few more hours - this is how many vacationers try to secure a place at the hotel pool. That annoys many other guests. Whether this behavior is tolerated is not regulated by law, but by each hotel - for example in the House rule.

One claimThere is no way to reserve one or more loungers - unless you book a corresponding offer from your tour operator.

Myth 3: Telephoning is expensive - that's why it's better to use your cell phone when abroad

This is basically no longer true - at least if you are traveling to a member state of the European Union. Expensive ones Roaming charges have been within the EU since June 2017 no longer permitted. So when you send your friends a vacation photo from the Spanish beach, you usually only pay for what you get in Germany according to your mobile phone contract would pay.

However, just to be on the safe side, find out whether your wireless service provider determines conditions to the Cell phone use abroad links - for example, a capped data volume.

Myth 4: I can take souvenirs out of the hotel room

Nobody misses the small shampoo bottle, and the hotel's slippers are so nice and comfortable. So put it in your suitcase? D rather not! Assuming that this is okay is one of the common misconceptions around travel. From a legal point of view, however, this istheft  although the hotel is unlikely to take legal action against the guest for a small hygiene item.

You are on the safe side if you simply go to reception askwhether you can take a certain item with you from the hotel or possibly also there to buy can.

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Myth 5: No Compensation If I Get Sick While On Vacation

Anyone who catches a cold while on vacation and therefore cannot go swimming is actually out of luck. But has that, for example The hotel or the tour operator are responsible for the illness - For example, if food on the buffet is spoiled or the beach is unclean - then holidaymakers have the right to one compensation.

In 2015, the Cologne Regional Court ruled in favor of a father whose entire family suffered from diarrhea while on vacation (AZ 2 O 56/15).

Myth 6: I no longer need the foreign health insurance certificate

This opinion belongs to the realm of travel myths. who statutory health insurance is andoutside of Europe Going on vacation definitely needs additional international health insurance. This means that you do not have to pay for all the medical expenses in an emergency.

Supplementary insurance is not absolutely necessary in all states that Member of the EU are or an equivalent Social security agreement have with Germany. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which every person with statutory health insurance automatically receives, ensures you medically necessary services in these travel countries too. Anything beyond that, however, often has to be paid for yourself - here, too, additional insurance can make sense.

Myth 7: Cancellation insurance is just a waste of money

This classic travel myth really depends on the circumstances. You book your trip well in advance, then a lot can happen before departure that prevents you from doing it. If the vacation then canceled must be, fall quickly high fees at.

Especially with expensive trips, for which everything has to be planned and booked months in advance, travel cancellation insurance can be worthwhile. With a last-minute bargain trip, however, the risk is lower.

Myth 8: If there is a lack of travel, I have to accept the compensation offered

A Travel voucher as compensation for construction noise on the beach or an uninhabitable hotel room? Some tour operators try to get out of the affair cheaply when vacationers complain about travel deficiencies. You don't have to accept that: with a proven one Lack of travel do you always have that Right to a travel price reduction.

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