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An extremely tense situation arose in Turkey after General Büyükanit, the designated new chief of staff of the Turkish army, was told by a public prosecutor been accused is to have organized secret death squads liquidating militant Kurds.
In Turkey there is a very tight situation ontstaan ​​nadat generaal Büyükanit, de gedoodverfde nieuwe stafchef van het Turkse leger, he door an openable aanklager van accusing wordt secret doodseskaders te lifted georganiseerd the Koerdische militants more liquid.
According to a recent report, 75 people sentenced to death have been released since 1973 in the United States alone when it was revealed that they were wronged been accused were.
Volgens een onlangs publiceerd rapport zijn er sinds 1973 alleen al in de Verenigde Staten 75 ter dood veroordeelden in vrijheid gesteld toen ontdekt will be on the date accusing.
Nor does it justify the wave of repression during which students, journalists, human rights activists and opposition activists are arrested and incited to violence been accused were.
Hetwoordt evenmin de golf van repressie waarbij students, journalists, human rights activists en opposanten are opgepakt en accusing van het aanzetten dead weld.
That is a strange justification when you consider that this principle has worked well so far and that, to my knowledge, the Commission has never been of an "intergovernmental character" been accused is.
Dat is a remarkable talkering het feit dat dit beginsel tot nu toe altijd goed heeft gewandte en dat de Commissie naar mijn weten nooit accusing is van het hebben van een "intergovernmental character".
D. having regard to the fact that two bloggers and human rights activists, Mehrdad Rahimi and Kouhyar Goudarzi, who are currently incarcerated in Evin Prison in Tehran, are of the "Moharebeh" [fight against God] been accused are an offense that is punishable by the death penalty,
D. overwegende dat Mehrdad Rahimi en Kouhyar Goudarzi, allebei bloggers en human rights activists, op dit ogenblik opgesloten zitten in de Evin-gevangenis in Tehran en accusing zijn van 'moharebeh' (vijandigheid tegenover God), een misdaad die met de doodstraf kan have been punished,
6. Deplores the execution of Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani and Arash Rahmani-Pour on January 28, 2010, the been accused were for organizing post-election demonstrations in June 2009 even though they were already in custody at the time;
6. supervised de terechtstelling op 28 januari 2010 van Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani en Arash Rahmani-Pour, the accusing were van de organisatie van demonstraties na afloop van de Verkiezingen in June 2009, hoewel ze op dat moment al in hechtenis zaten;
The prisoner is been accused to have violated social etiquette to the utmost.
De gevangene wordt accusing van zware schending van de sociale omgangsvormen.
Her family members said that the woman was back in 2006 been accused was to be in an illegal relationship and was sentenced to 99 lashes.
Haar familieleden zeggen dat ze al in 2006 van een verboden relatie accusing en tot 99 doubts veroordeeld is.
They are not any other offense been accused, but according to the mullahs' website, the death penalty is justified because the mujahideen are on the EU's terrorist list.
Zij zijn van geen grandson other misdrijf accusing, maar, zo valt te lezen op de website van de mullahs, de doodstraf zou Nahrungsmittelvaardigd zijn omdat de Volksmoedjahedien van Iran voorkomt op de EU-terreurlijst.
There have been thousands of cases of detained HADEP members, and although most were released after a brief detention period, they were arrested as suspected members of the PKK terrorist organization and involved in terrorist activities been accused.
Duizenden HADEP-leden zijn in hechtenis genomen en alhoewel de meesten van hen na een korte detentie weer vrij zijn gekomen, zijn zij gearresteerd as avoiding leden van de terrorist organizations PKK en accusing van deelname aan terrorist activities.
We think she was wrong for Laurie's murder been accused.
The killer is never a hate crime been accused.
Most of the people arrested on the two occasions are not subsequently criminal offenses been accused.
De meeste mensen die tijdens both manifestaties zijn gearresteerd, zijn nog niet in state van accusing gesteld.
More specifically, this agency is from previous analysts in the US Congress been accusedfor having rated toxic papers positively under pressure from their superiors.
This is dezelfde onderneming which is in het Amerikaanse Congres aangeklaagd door analists who have worked for hair have been thrown in by hun superieuren about toxic effects positieve beoordelingen te geven.
Mr President, I am named and been accusedof having made a mistake in Parliament.
Mijnheer de Voorzitter, he is uitdrukkelijk naar mij verwezen en he is drawn dat ik mij in het verkeerde parlement bevind.
Moreover, the Commission is too transparent about certain companies and private individuals in court been accused.
Overigens the Commissie nu voor het Hof van Justitie gedaagd omdat sommige ondernemingen en mensen vinden dat wij te transparant zijn.
There is currently a lawsuit in my country against eight people who been accused are to have tried to blow up eight planes.
We are in my country momenteel done van een proces for eight people who have been suspected van voornemens om eight flies op te blazen.
I think the catch with "Have you ever committed a crime." been accused"
Ik think dat het 'Heb je ooit een misdaad begaan?
Is Morlar for it been accused?
Israel is been accusedto want to ethnically cleanse the Negev.
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