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Professions in the fashion industry DIARY FUTURE MUSIC SCHOOL YEAR. The comeback of bread and butter. Students make fashion. UNICUM ABI is looking for.


1 23rd year, No. 4 April UNICUM ABI is looking for the SCHULE YEAR 2012 PARTNER DIARY The comeback of bread and butter FUTURE MUSIC Students make fashion Page 18 Professions in the fashion industry Katharina Charpian (25) works as a fashion journalist

2 Get the summer hits! Enjoy KRÜGER chai latte ice-cold and download our new summer hit ChaiLa for free at! Find us on facebook Chai Colada 4 packets of KRÜGER chai latte Classic India 250 ml coconut milk (can) 2 mangoes (approx. 350 g each) Juice of 1 lime 4 pinches of ground cardamom ice cubes KRÜGER chai latte Classic India with 200 ml of hot water and coconut milk Mix and let cool, then chill. Peel the mangoes, cut the pulp from the stone and set aside 4 wedges for garnish. Puree the remaining pulp with lime juice. Shake 1/4 of each mango puree and chilled coconut chai with 1 pinch of karadmom on ice cubes and strain into glasses, garnish with the mango slices.

3 I n h a l t & E d i t o r i a l 3 my new darling is blue and white checked and has a small bow on the sleeves. I'm talking about my new blouse. It was pretty easy for me to make a decision in the locker room. But only because a lot of people have thought about my blouse in advance. Designers, buyers and sellers or journalists who have considered whether this blouse would be worth a tip. We dedicate this issue of UNICUM ABI to all these people: the driving forces of the fashion industry. We introduce you to professions related to the clothing industry, show you fashion and accessories, produced by Inhalt Hallo, Schoolchildren's Labels, and tell you whether your shoe buying behavior complies with the German norm. Our Free Period section also adorns the result of an extraordinary appointment: Together with School of the Year promipate Johannes Strate, we visited his old school near Bremen and discovered, among other things, that the clothing label 667 one step ahead of the devil is so attractive to the gunslinger singer thinks it gave him a sweater. Now you also know where to find Johannes pretty sweater. Everyone who has to wait in line at the counter: Have fun reading! Your participation! Now! UNICUM ABI is looking for SCHOOL YEAR 2012 Do you want celebrities instead of teachers in your school lesson? Or just say thank you to your school for a good time and exciting lessons? Then bang, bang up and vote! For more information: Please turn to page 8! Cover story Diary future music Free period Sections 06 Schoolyard star Blogger- Babe 08 School of the year Take part! Now! 10 Butterbrot Comeback of the sandwich 12 School labels Fashion and accessories from young people 16 Commercial game Port Royale 3 (K) an easy game 18 Fashion industry jobs in a portrait 20 Industry compact sales 32 The Hunger Games UNICUM ABI met Josh Hutcherson in an interview 34 End of the world We have already times survived 36 detention with Johannes Strate at his old school 04 Column, News and High Five 21 Prize WakaWaka game, vouchers and NIVEA sets to win 22 service tips for the Facebook chronicle 31 Pure culture Entertainment tips for April 31 Our offer in brief 38 Comic & Creative, Imprint

4 4 Diary Section 5 Facts about the fashion habits of the German News Federal Student Company Contest The Federal Student Company Contest 2012 has started! Student companies of all types of schools can apply again and thus secure the chance of up to Euro prize money. All you have to do is register online and introduce your company. Then you can vote online for you. A jury then selects the ten winners from the 20 best-rated participants. The online voting runs until July 31st. Participation in the competition is free. You can find more information about the federal student company contest on Macht das Netz stupid? School problems and extensive net surfing times are related. Somehow we already suspected it. But now it has also been proven. According to a current study by DAK-Gesundheit, every fifth student sits at the screen for at least six hours a day. Boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 18 were surveyed at 25 schools in seven federal states. But it was precisely the intensive users who complained about school problems. Now all that remains is to find out what the chicken is and what the egg. You can find more details on the DAK homepage. 1. According to the Federal Association of German Shoe Retailers, women buy an average of six pairs of shoes a year, men only two pairs. If you extrapolate this to the average life expectancy, women have 498 pairs of shoes with which they go through life, men on. On average, every woman currently owns 20 pairs of shoes. But eleven of them are only in the cupboard and are never worn, reports the pharmacy magazine BABY and the Zalando family sells more than two pairs of shoes a day. According to the largest market media survey for clothing, shoes and accessories in Germany, size 38 is the most common size for women. This is followed by size 40, size 42 and finally, roughly equivalent, sizes 44 and 36 (both around 12%). 5. The vacation look of the Germans does not go down well with other tourists. According to a survey by the hotel rating portal Zoover, Germans occupy second place on the list of tourists with tasteless holiday clothing. First place is (of course): England. We have loneliness in common T he 24-year-old Fa nt a s y author i n Jenny-M a i Nuyen regularly writes a column in U N IC U M A BI. This time it's about making friends in difficult times. Everyone knows that life is not always rosy. None of us are spared sickness, loss, or grief. But how is it that we feel most lonely in the sadness that is the greatest commonality of all people? Maybe because we don't want to take anyone there. Or because we suspect that the limit of understanding is where personal pain begins. We carry our burdens through our time alone. One of my best friends just learned that he has an incurable disease that will ultimately be fatal. Other friends suffer from childhood traumas. Had accidents that changed their lives forever. How we should all deal with it, nobody really knows. But if we accept that we have only limited control over our lives and that death will separate us at the latest, we can recognize the brief moments in which we meet and overcome loneliness as a gift. Friendship and love may be limited by time and understanding. But the fact that they exist at all makes up for the bad things that can drive us back. Illustration: Jenny-Mai Nuyen

5 Get involved for a year Voluntary service in the youth hostel You have the choice: Castle or Castle Island or Mountain near-natural or large city University cities or other interesting regions There we offer you various areas of work. If you want to get involved for and with others, are at least 18 years old, want to bridge the waiting time for a study or apprenticeship position, then do the federal voluntary service in a youth hostel. Find out more here: Service Center Voluntary Services in Youth Hostels Tel. Get to know new things. Try yourself. Growing with tasks. Show responsibility

6 6 Blogger Babe's Diary SCHULHOFSTAR I'm actually always online, says Jada Joyce. The 15-year-old from Hameln doesn't just spend her time on Facebook: Jada has been running her own blog Jadafashion for two years. At, she regularly provides her readers with photos and texts on the subject of fashion. But there are also personal posts. I also find it very interesting to read on other blogs what people were doing over the weekend. But my main focus is still fashion, says Jada. She has always been interested in fashion. Then she got into blogging by chance. She met a few bloggers through a designer from Hanover, and then somehow I slipped into it. For Jada, her blog is primarily a hobby: I don't necessarily have to become like some bloggers from the USA, for example Fashiontoast, who is always there at the big fashion shows. In addition to blogging, Jada enjoys spending her free time with friends, going shopping and playing the piano. Her classmates all know she blogs. Word gets around quickly, but nobody comes to me now and says great blog or something, she says. Jada sees the advantage of fashion blogs over classic fashion magazines like Vogue in their independence: We write what we think, and if we don't like something, we say so too. The tenth grader does not yet know exactly what she wants to do after graduation. Let's see where it takes me, says Jada. I used to want to be a designer. But that is now too risky for me. I would be more interested in management in the fashion sector. Jada Joyce (15) is in the 10th grade of the Schiller-Gymnasium in Hameln. Later she would like to study Luxury Brand Management in Paris. Anna Lenja Hartfiel Photo: private

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8 8 day b u c h Great prices! looking for the SCHOOL OF THE YEAR 2012 Take part in your school and win! P r i v a t k o n z e r t m i t R e v o l - v e r h e l d -SÄ ng e r J o h a n n e s S t r a te Johannes Strate otherwise fills entire halls. He's going back to school for you guys. On page 36 also to his school, the Osterholz-Scharmbeck grammar school, for the school of the year 2012 to your winning school! The front man and guitarist of Revolverheld released his first solo album at the end of 2011, The signs stand on storm and shows: He can also be different. Quieter, more personal and more acoustic than with Gunslinger, he shows himself to be single-handed. Simply really big! If you vote diligently, the smart musician might come to your school with his solo album in his luggage! C o m e d i a n F a b i a n H i n t z e n b e s p a ß t e u c h! At 19 years of age, Fabian Hintzen is one of the youngest comedians in Germany. But under no circumstances does he have to hide from the elderly. Quite the opposite: the older generation gets their fat away in Fabian's program. For example, when Fabian talks about the zombie dungeon and by that means the staff room at his school. The fact that Fabian is crazy about his teachers and that his parents are annoying can also be read in his book The Smarter Tip. With Stefan Raabs TV total and in the Quatsch Comedy Club, Fabian has already shown that he has it behind the ears live, and will prove it again at his appearance in one of the winning schools! Photos: KiWi Verlag, Joyce Ilg, Uwe Lehmann, brainpool, Matthias Arni Ingimarsson, Robert Bachmann School of the year, this is how it works Give your school a certificate, you can find the form online at How well is your school equipped, how well is the classroom, Are you prepared for your future in a meaningful way and does your school show a lot of commitment in other ways? Together with our partner, Deutsche Flugsicherung, we award the school with the best average grade the title School of the Year. So that you and your school are rewarded accordingly, you can also win great prizes. Revolverheld singer Johannes Strate gives a private concert at the school for the overall winner! We are also sending comedian Fabian Hintzen, the former German poetry slam master Patrick Salmen, René Wegner, the inventor of the HEADIS header table tennis game, and Prof. Holger, author of Endlich Mitwisser. You can also find detailed information about all prices online at where you can also vote for your school. Both the overall winner and the four category winners can win one of the attractive UNICUM ABI events. Simply vote online by April 30, 2012!

9 Ta g e b u c h 9 H E A D I S - E r f i n d e r R e n é We g n e r s p i e l t m i t e u c h! René Wegner shows you the cool trend sport that even Stefan Raab totally brought into his studio on TV. HEADIS! This is a combination of head and table tennis and can be played without any prior knowledge. All you need is a ping pong table, a small, soft rubber ball and your head. Sounds crazy? It is! The inventor came up with the brilliant idea in 2006 with his buddies in the outdoor pool. The new game prepared him and his friends for an afternoon and many years full of fun, good humor and top sporting performance! René comes to your school and shows you his best tricks with which he made it to the top of the world rankings. Perhaps you can push him from the HEADIS throne. Professor Holger Wormer from TU Dortmund University and journalist and moderator Michael Dietz now have fans everywhere. Whether BVB trainer Jürgen Klopp, Austrian science or the President of the German Research Foundation. The reason for this are the very best questions from 1Live listeners, which the two regularly answer on the radio. Why do people sing in the bathroom? And do you answer more honestly when you're drunk? Dietz and Wormer have collected the 101 best questions and answers in their book Endlich Mitwisser and recently received the Austrian Science Book of the Year 2012 award. For you, Prof. Holger and Michael Dietz give a private scienceetainment lesson at your school! The partner DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is a federally owned company organized under private law with employees. The air traffic controllers ensure a safe and punctual flight process around the clock. They coordinate around three million aircraft movements in German airspace every day. DFS offers challenging activities for aviation enthusiasts and innovative people from all over the world who want to help shape the future of air traffic. DFS is looking for young women and men who are enthusiastic about aviation and who are down-to-earth for its diverse training opportunities. P o e t r y -S l a m m e r P a t r i c k S a l m e n b r i n g t Wo r t k u n s t i n e u r e S c h u l e It all started with him as a cliché, he says. At 13, Patrick Salmen wrote his first short stories. Just for yourself. It stayed that way for a long time, until a few years ago as a student he attended a poetry slam in Düsseldorf. That evening, some spectators were able to spontaneously report to speak. I happened to have texts of mine with me and already had a few beers in there, says the 26-year-old poetry and prose author. That was Patrick's first appearance in front of an audience. A lot has happened since then, then his greatest success to date: He became the German-speaking master in the poetry slam. His first book Distences followed last year. Today he tours the country regularly with his readings or takes part in poetry slams. His latest book of short stories, Tabakblätter und Fallschirmspringer, was published in March. A novel, other collections of short stories and a children's book will follow. In addition, Patrick started the regular reading cabaret in his hometown of Wuppertal creative writing: Anna Lenja Hartfiel, Roman Milenski, Merel Neuheuser

10 10 Diary But with butter, please B e i m B u t t e r b r o t runs t s w i e g e s c hm i r t. K n i f t e, Stu l l e, Bü t t e r k e n, B e m m e o d e r S c h n i t t c h e n m ü s e n g ar k e ine k l e nen rolls m e hr b a c k e n. E ine H o m m a g e an d a s l i e b e v o l l b e l e g t e P a u s e n b r o t, d a s h e u t e r e c h t a u f g e p i mp t d aherkomm t. 3 questions for Maren Meyer zu Westerhausen: The 31-year-old, who studied German and art history, has been running the Butterbrotbar in Bochum for a year. How did the idea for the sandwich bar come about? I once visited a friend in Australia and there I learned how to bake a very special sourdough bread made from sourdough, whole wheat flour, rye flour, salt and water. I found that delicious. And because I've always wanted to work in the restaurant business, I just opened my own sandwich bar. It just happened that way. And now I bake the bread here for my customers. Why are sandwiches in fashion again? The trend today is again that people are in the mood for something simple, home-made with good quality, which is now not well decorated, i.e. without a lot of frills. And there is something different in comparison to normal rolls, what you get in the bakery that always looks like a lot, but it is not. What is your favorite butter bread? My favorite butter bread, which I also created myself, is topped with cream cheese, trout and lime. Tastes great! The workbench The board belongs to the bread like the spoon to the soup.While chopping boards in beech veneer used to be popular, today we prefer to plaster our sandwiches from funny, pretty plate substitutes. A particularly nice example: the thought board, because there is supper after all. You can find the pretty piece and other boards for 6.50 euros in the UNICUM shop at Take a bite out of it With this designer apple lunch box, you'll stand out in every schoolyard. Not only vitamin-rich fruit can be stored in this spacious vessel, but also a tasty sandwich can find its place in it. It is available in different bright colors for 11.45 euros at Zum Nachmachen star and TV chef Christian Henze, in collaboration with, presents: Banana bread with plum jam and nuts Ingredients: Butter 2 slices of rye bread 1 tbsp plum jam 1 small banana 1 tbsp Chopped almonds Brush the lower slice of bread with butter and plum jam, sprinkle the almonds on top and place the peeled banana on top in long, thin strips. Top half of the bread on: done! For Lego fans Big and small Lego lovers pamper themselves during the lunch break with this Lego Lunchbox 8 in classic red but also available in other colors. There is space for a sandwich and an apple next to each other in the large box. For a separation there are also mini Lego boxes that you put in the large lunch box. Invented by the Danish plast team, it is also available from for around 8 euros. Rita Martens-Baentsch Photos: Manufacturer, Christian Henze, private, thinkstock

11 FUSSBALLWUNDER FUSSBALLWUNDER DAS Das_Fussballwunder_PlakatA2RZ.indd: 04 Special Bolzen nach dem Büffeln The football miracle: nationwide student football campaign of a special kind. Report football action of the special a rtan. Who at Da s Fußballw u nder! the I n it i ators Deutsche Spor t hoc h schule Köl n u nd the BA R M E R GE K w ith eight, large and small football rooms. A very special summer lies ahead of us: our football summer! Before Jogi's boys fight for the title at the European Football Championships in Ukraine and Poland, you can take part in a football event at your school that has never existed before. A school tournament with its own rules. An event that shows that football is much more than just a sport. Football is the bracket that connects everything and does not allow any differences. There was the miracle of Bern: The secret of success for winning the World Cup was primarily the team spirit. Now the time is ripe for the football miracle !. The best thing about it is: This miracle can take place at any secondary school in Germany. A B R M E R Bolts and scramble! Now join the nationwide school tournament and win one of over 30 great prizes. Information at: GG E K A project by: No matter who, when, how or where, get ready to have fun with the game and make new friends. Everyone who takes the initiative and kicks it is a winner! Photo: BARMER GEK Personal responsibility and fair play We want to prove that personal responsibility and fair play are not hollow phrases, but a matter of course, explains Professor Dr. Jürgen Buschmann, head of the Olympic Study Center at the Sport University Cologne. Schoolchildren who, together with their teachers, are enthusiastic about our idea, will show that a sporty togetherness on the field does not need a referee or a complicated game mode, according to the BARMER GEK team. In addition to the fun of exercise, this is exactly what Das Fußballwunder! Is about. So join in the excitement: The game mode is very simple: There are no long playing times or complicated rules. The game is played six against six on half football fields and without a referee. In addition to points for victory, draw or defeat, you can also win a fairness point. Each participating secondary school provides a boys 'or a girls' team or both and tries to play against men by playing as many football matches as possible. -Shirt. other schools to achieve as many points as possible. The games must take place between March 16th and June 7th. Motivate others to play along How do you find your opponents? You have to find the teams you want to sweep from the pitch yourself and then organize the respective football games yourself. You can get some tips from the project office of the sports university and the website. You have to do the rest yourself. So a little initiative is required. And it will be rewarded in the end: the best six schools each win a top-class table football. You can use it to organize further matches on your own later, or just play a round during the long break. Take part in the football miracle! and wins great prizes such as private viewing and jerseys. Taking part is very easy and worth it! Your school can participate with one or two teams, a boys and / or a girls team. Now shows initiative in organizing games against other school teams. And on top of that, if you have played at least two games, you will get the extremely stylish The Football Wonder! Jersey sponsored by Zalando and take part in a great competition: Take your school team to a Bundesliga game in the 2012/2013 season (including travel to and from the club). Even more, the winning teams of the football campaign have the chance of a private viewing, sponsored by HUK Coburg health insurance, high-quality jerseys for your school team or table football. Register now at:

12 12 Music of the future Julia wears: Flower Skull t-shirt by Emmanuel Philippart 50 euros Bracelets from mypulseras 7 euros each Daniel wears: Original Fancy t-shirt from Fancy Clothing approx. 20 euros Black Jack bracelet from BLEXX PRO. 6.95 euros High (School) Fashion D e s e D e s i g n s m a c h e n d e n S c h u l al l t a g g l e i c h v i e l b u n t e r! U N I C UM A B I p rä s e n t i e r t e u c h M o d e v o n z ehn L a b e l s a u s S h ü l e r h and. Photos: Markus Mielek; Text: Anna Lenja Hartfiel; Hair & Make-up: Sandra Walczak; Models: Julia Kovacs, Daniel Gogolla

13 Music of the future 13 Jamalapn jute bag from JAMAClothing 10 euros Mobile phone bag with apple motif from silver buttons 15 euros Colorful owl bag from MainPocket 7.50 euros Handbag in card design from GLO-BAG 15 euros wallet made of felt from Tillishop 6.49 euros Thermo mug Wachmacher from hot4u 6.99 euros Continued on p. 14 Meet & Compete! Do sports, celebrate, meet people and win cool prizes. Beach volleyball, beach handball, mini soccer and streetball at the Bw-Olympix 2012 At the youth team sport event with around young people from all over Germany, great prizes await in addition to fun, music and infotainment, e.g. B. Travel for the whole team to Rome or Sardinia. Participation is free of charge (including travel, meals, accommodation). Participants: girls and boys aged 16 to 17 Dates: June 1 to 3, 2012 in Warendorf / Münster Register now by May 21, 2012 at

14 14 Music for the future Continued from p. 13 Emmanuel Philippart Luxembourg Behind the name is: Emmanuel Philippart // He comes from: Luxembourg // Emmanuel Philippart Fashion has: unusual and exclusive t-shirts, tops, polos, hoodies // You get at: Silberknöpfchen Behind the name is: Tamara Erdenberger // She comes from: Berlin // At Silberknöpfchen there are: cute and cuddly cuddly toys, decorative items, accessories and designs. Special customer requests are also gladly taken into account and implemented. // You can get it at: // // MainPocket Behind the name: Paul Fischer, Maximilian Seitz, Lisa-Marie Müller, Lena Hofmann, Celine Raaber, Lea Breunig, Merlin Webe, Jan Kircher, Michael Wolf, Tamara Miller, Anna Schäfer and Denis Kunkel // They come from: Hösbach // MainPocket has: all-purpose bags for calculators, scissors, glue, pens, make-up, digital cameras, cell phones, etc. // Our bags are there it at: com; in the library center Hösbach Tillishop Behind the name is: Julia Voßhenrich // She comes from: Lippstadt / North Rhine-Westphalia // Tillishop has: cell phone cases, purses, cases and so on made of felt! // You can get it from: DaWanda ( JAMAclothing Behind the name: Jeisson Martin and Gernot Jautz // They come from: the warmest city in Germany: Freiburg! // At JAMAclothing there are: mainly hand-printed jute bags designed by us. We also want to dedicate ourselves more and more to t-shirts and include them in our shop. // You can get it at: GLO-BAG Behind the name: Saskia König, Lynn Krause, Milena Wolbert, Jennifer Fechter, Carolin Nowack, Ceyda Can, Lea Hausmann and Mara Grauenhorst // They come from: Essen // At GLO- BAG is available: Handbags made from old cards in different sizes and with different motifs. Each bag is unique. // You can get it from: and in the shared apartment in Essen-Rüttenscheid as well as directly at our school mypulseras Behind the name: Rabea Ridder and Ella Middelhoff // They come from: Kiel // At mypulseras you can find: bracelets, ankle bracelets, key rings & Co. I think my parents have a great style. It affects me a lot. Does your dad like your shirts? My dad is my biggest fan! He wears Fancy clothes all the time and shows them to all of his friends. He is very proud of me. That makes me very happy. You are about to graduate from high school. What are your plans for the future? I plan to move to New York in the fall. In addition, I have many goals that I want to achieve in my life. One of those goals is to get a foothold in the fashion industry. I think New York is the perfect place to chase my dreams. Photo: private

15 KARRIERE.UNICUM.DE Everything under one link: job exchange trainee exchange side job exchange internship exchange KARRIERE.UNICUM.DE

16 16 Future music (not) an easy game for the economy W ith a small ship start J uli an O tto and J ulius L ü tkemeier, on behalf of UNIC UM ABI, your hand samp erium in the world of economic simulation P ort R oy al e 3. The st udents quickly realize that it is not easy at all, in the 16th century they won a hundred-year-old. Port Royale, 1550: Business could be so good in the Caribbean. Send a few ships on their way, buy goods cheaply in one city, sell them dearly in the next and earn lots of gold. But Julian Otto and Julius Lütkemeier will not make it so easy when they visit developer Gaming Minds in Gütersloh. Under the direction of managing director and creative director Daniel Dumont, the commercial students embark on an exclusive advance trip through the Caribbean Sea of ​​Port Royale 3. We are not quite finished with the game, explains Daniel Dumont right at the beginning and instructs Julian and Julius into the game mechanics of the economic simulation. His main principle: This is about making money. The principle of supply and demand prevails: when goods are needed, the price rises. When the camps are full, it falls. Julian and Julius know this principle well, because they are completing a dual degree in retail, Julian at KiK and Julius at Media Markt. The main features of the economy have largely remained the same, says Julian. And Julius adds: If you play that, you immediately have the voice of the professors in your head with all sorts of economics-technical terms and then you have to smile. Can you file for bankruptcy anywhere here? The students learn to trade in the game, hijack two small ships, sales increase, they want to expand. You leave the decisions to the automated artificial intelligence in the game and wait. Julian and Julius think about how they can increase sales and make the residents happy. Julius accidentally builds three farms at once and all of a sudden the hard-earned fortune is almost used up. This is not how the young virtual entrepreneurs had actually imagined the development of their trading empire. The cotton farms produce in abundance for this. I think we have a monopoly, explains Julian and is amazed. But luck only lasts for a short time, because suddenly her best merchant ship gets into a sea battle with the English military. The ship is destroyed and the dream of a cotton monopoly is a long way off. Julius jokes: We are bankrupt. Is it possible to file for bankruptcy here somewhere? And adds: I would now look for foreign investors. Julian sums up: We did everything wrong that can be done wrong. Then they decide to take everything into their own hands, control sales manually and no longer automatically. They get rid of their goods and slowly build up new fortunes. Despite all the setbacks, the students draw a positive conclusion and agree that their knowledge from their training helped them play. If you've had something to do with trade beforehand, or if you've studied specifically, you're more likely to know what this game is all about, explains Julius. Ricarda Gruhl Julian Otto (22) started his training there through his temporary job at KiK. Julian is currently completing the practical time of his dual bachelor's degree in business administration VWA at the KiK headquarters in Bönen (North Rhine-Westphalia), then he wants to do his master's degree. More information about the course: Julius Lütkemeier (18 years old) graduated from high school at the age of 17 and is studying international trade management in Ingolstadt in the second semester. Julius is completing the practical phases of the dual study course in Media Markt Gütersloh. Further information on the course: Port Royale 3 is being developed by Gaming Minds from Gütersloh. The business simulation game will be released in the 2nd quarter for the PC and later this year for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. More information is available at: Photos: Ricarda Gruhl, manufacturer, thinkstock

17 Special Today Abitur, tomorrow Manager Y ou have no fun for overcrowded lecture halls, but would like to take a beating? Not a problem: REWE will shortly train a bit ur ients to become executives. Provided you are committed, show your own initiative and have it Enjoy dealing with people. For those who want to achieve high professional levels without studying, the REWE Abitur program is a real alternative to studying. It combines the apprenticeship as a merchant in retail with the apprenticeship as a commercial specialist and lasts 40 months. The aim is to train young people to become market managers or to develop them into independent business partners. In these management positions, the junior employees not only have to have an understanding of sales, sales and inventory, but also have to be familiar with working time management, budget management and marketing, for example. They learn all of this in their seminars. And of course in the market, where you take on a lot of responsibility right from the start. Faruk, who is completing the high school graduation program at REWE, the practical relevance in his training means a lot: In contrast to the classic course, it is very practice-oriented. You can apply the theoretical knowledge you have learned immediately and learn continuously. The career opportunities have also spurred him on. I particularly enjoy direct contact with customers. I advise them with a lot of commitment, because I also enjoy dealing with people in my private life. What I don't like at REWE? Difficult to answer. But I may not be particularly thrilled if a bottle falls down in the drinks department and I am allowed to remove the traces. Here at REWE, after a year and a half, you can become a retailer and if you have proven yourself, you can become a specialist in trade. Today I am very happy to have taken up the training offer from R E W E a n. My big dream is to get it to the M a r k t m a n a g e r in a short time. Faruk does the high school graduation program at REWE. Photo: REWE Aiming high It is not only the good career opportunities that are convincing. The combined training at REWE also scores with its short duration, higher training salary and varied tasks. These advantages also convinced Faruk: I applied to REWE when I had already started studying. But I quickly realized that I lacked practical relevance in my studies. In the Abitur program I experience pure practical experience every day. I can immediately apply the theoretical knowledge I have learned and learn continuously. A lot in stock Are you in your mid-20s already responsible for your own supermarket? Faruk is currently doing a combined apprenticeship as a retail merchant and commercial specialist. This is possible with the REWE high school graduate program. He is impressed with the rapid career opportunities associated with successfully completing the program. Practical relevance is particularly important to him.

18 18 A dream of the future Beautiful fashion world I n d e r M o d e b r a n c h e w e i t e n n u r D e s i g n e r? A c h Q u a t s c h. E s g i b t n o c h s o v i e l m e hr s p a n n e n d e B e r u f e i n d e r w o h l s c h ö n s t e n b e r u f s b r a n c h e. Look! Katharina Charpian (25), freelance fashion journalist (Blonde, Maxi, Grazia) and blogger ( After graduating from high school, I studied fashion journalism and fashion communication at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Hamburg. During my studies I did many internships in fashion editorial offices, among others at Petra, Maxi and Brigitte.I was able to write my first texts, accompany stylists on shoots and of course make contacts. This is important because it is not easy to get a foothold in the fashion industry. After my studies, I worked as a permanent fashion online editor for for six months and then started my own business as a fashion journalist. If you want to go in that direction, you shouldn't do that just because Vogue is one of your favorite magazines and you like to go shopping. A high level of interest in this area, creative work and the desire to write are important. As a freelance fashion journalist, I work from home in Hamburg or am booked by editorial offices. When I work at my own desk, I research new topics, write articles, conduct interviews with designers or send suggestions for topics to editors. I attend press events, look at new collections in showrooms and travel to fashion weeks. Renee Billkrantz (34), buyer at Peek & Cloppenburg After studying International Business Studies in Paderborn, I started my fashion management trainee program at Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf. During the program, I got to know the areas of sales and purchasing in three different stores. The time in sales is important to get to know customer needs. As a buyer, I have to put my personal taste aside and think about what the customer might like. I have been working at the head office in Düsseldorf for four years. In my role, I am largely responsible for which clothing should be sold in our department. In order to get an idea of ​​the brands' current collections, I go to the showrooms once a month, look at the current goods and put together the range. Creativity is required when designing P&C own brands. To get inspiration, I go to fashion and fabric fairs at home and abroad, read in fashion magazines or go on information trips to the fashion capitals. At the moment I am thinking about the collection for the summer. In addition to the creative side, my tasks also include price negotiations, assortment analyzes, budget management and other administrative matters. Photos: P&C, H&M, private

19 Music for the future 19 Josephin Neumann (28), H&M Store Manager I've been working at H&M for five years, and I've been a store manager in Potsdam for a year. I am a career changer. In Leipzig I studied American studies with the minor subjects sociology and communication sciences for a master’s degree. I already worked in sales during my studies: I worked in a shoe store in Leipzig and at some point looked after a small branch all by myself. I had a lot of fun and that's how I wanted to work in retail. My daily routines include a morning meeting with my department managers and a subsequent tour of the shop. I give feedback on the individual departments and receive important information from my colleagues. It is important to understand the needs of customers immediately and to be always informed about their requests. Working in a team is therefore an indispensable quality, as you have a lot to do with people. I am not only responsible for ensuring that all processes in the store are organized, but also for the look of the store, both in the interior and in the windows. Ulrich Planer (29), Graphic Designer Apparel Team Sports at PUMA Until 2007, I studied communication design with a focus on graphic design at the FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt. I have been working at PUMA in Herzogenaurach in the textiles division since December 2010. My job is to work with the designers from my team to create new products such as jerseys or training jackets. When we design a new soccer jersey, the designers think about the cut and I develop the details on the computer: Should the stripes look wide or narrow? After I have created the graphic and made a suggestion of what the jersey might look like, a small number of sample jerseys will be produced at one of our production facilities. These are then checked again and evaluated by other departments, such as marketing. Only when everyone is satisfied does the jersey go into production. In order to get ideas for my designs, I often go on research and inspiration trips. Last year I was in Brazil, where the 2014 World Cup will take place. Regular trips to our factories are also part of my area of ​​responsibility. My work at PUMA is as fascinating for me as if I were a child in a big playground: graphics, lifestyle, fashion and sport, especially soccer, are my passions. Sabina Köhl (37), visual merchandiser I've been working as a visual merchandiser for 12 years, and I've been self-employed for nine years. As a visual merchandiser, I design the overall picture of a store in order to convince the customer of the offer. I think about where which goods should ideally be placed. How I put it down, how it is folded so that it looks particularly beautiful, which colors and fabrics should be next to each other and what the male mannequins are wearing. When designing, I can't go according to my own taste, I have to make sure to show the face of the company. As a freelancer, I travel a lot. I designed shops in Dubai, Russia and China and worked for Joop, Adidas, Armani and H&M. It's exciting, but also exhausting. It can happen that I work on an order for up to 17 hours at a time. I move objects, change wall modules and often all by myself. I crawl under the furniture and get dirty. My job isn't glamorous, even if you work for well-known brands and occasionally go to parties or trade fairs. My job is to do some subtle psychological persuasion with the aim of increasing the store's sales. Even as a professional I sometimes fall for it, even if I know the little tricks of course. Marie-Charlotte Maas

20 20 A vision of the future of sales at a glance I n d e r H a n d e l s b r a n c h e g e h t f a s t n i c h t s o hne d e r i e b. D a m ü s s e n r k a u f s s p e z i al i s t e n h e r. V o u r e n g e s a n d u n d f a c t e n s a n d u m d e n d e r i e n g e d a u f e n o u r i c e g i n t e s h i e r.. The job market in sales remains tight for applicants because the demand is high. Applicants compete for the best jobs. Account managers, sales staff in the office and in the field, in sales and customer service are in demand. What does sales mean anyway? The term sales refers to all decisions and systems that are necessary to make a product or service available to customers or end users. Trend: The German economy continued its economic upturn in 2011. The positive mood in sales indicates that the economic development will continue to be stable to a large extent. The Central Association of German Business Associations for Trade Brokerage and Distribution (CDH) carried out a trend survey of their commercial agencies as to how they assess their business situation: Source: 11.1% say: very good 9.4% say: bad 48.72% say: good 30.77% say: satisfactory And what is direct sales then? The direct sales sales system means that when selling their products, companies rely on addressing consumers personally, for example through the party business, personally advising and selling from person to person. Well-known companies such as AVON or Tupperware are part of the Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland e.v. Member. Figures on sales: 11% would like to work in sales / customer care in their first job 10% would like to work in sales / customer care in their first job. In their first job in sales / customer care, they expect euros per year. That is just below the value that all economists expect on average, namely euros. Source: Universum Student Survey 2011, Economics Figures on direct sales The Federal Association of Direct Sales currently has 32 member companies. In the financial year, these generated a total of 1.15 billion euros. In total, there were employees in the field during the year. Source: Evelyn Zschächner, Press Spokeswoman, Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland ev) Popular courses for entry into sales: Sales Engineer Sales and Marketing Management (BA) Mathematics Business Administration Marketing, Master Sales Management Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Sales as a dual study Bachelor of Engineering MBA Industrial Marketing and Technical Sales Marketing / Sales / Media (MA) For field workers, the leap into self-employment is an attractive prospect. Most sales representatives have worked as salaried field workers for a few years and have acquired the necessary industry knowledge there, says Claudia Mischon, spokeswoman for the Central Association of German Business Associations for Trade Brokers and Sales (CDH). As a central association, the CDH represents more than trade intermediaries in all sectors. Compiled by Rita Martens-Baentsch

21 prizes, category raffle 21 prizes 10 the KOSMOS game WakaWaka Waka Waka means do it in Swahili! As an African trader, the players buy goods for their village as cheaply as possible. Fruits, skins, salt, tea, fabrics and jewelry come from far away. However, the goods are usually offered concealed. If you don't want to buy a pig in a poke, you have to send your chimpanzee to take a closer look at the goods before buying. The shaman of the village gives the players tasks that they must complete. And the villagers also offer their special skills as support. Those who get involved in this hustle and bustle may soon enjoy the greatest reputation as a successful retailer. A varied adventure for the whole family. 1 2 vouchers of 75 euros at your favorite hairdresser plus NIVEA sets and 3 singlesets from the NIVEA sun touch series After all the mess, the prom is a very special evening. But what if spring was rainy and the light tan with a beautiful dress is still a long way off? The self-tanning product series sun touch from NIVEA SUN is the savior. Whether the cream for the face, neck and décolleté, the milk for the body or the practical self-tanning cloth a few hours after application, they conjure up the perfect summer tan on your skin, which then lasts for three to four days. With valuable ingredients, they also care for the skin and provide moisture for the whole day. NIVEA SUN and UNICUM ABI are giving away 1 2 vouchers of 75 euros at your favorite hairdresser for you and your girlfriend as well as 5 sets from the sun touch series. How you can win Enter your data at by April 30, 2012 under the words sun touch and WakaWaka. Then quickly select the advertisement of the month, the most beautiful advertisement from the current issue, and answer a handful of questions about UNICUM ABI. You're already taking part in the raffle. The winners from January and February: Fan package House often he rising sun: Guido S. from Heinsberg, Paula W. from Überherm, Louisa H. from Zeithain and Franziska L. from Bremen. MP3 speakers: Tanja P. from Holzminden, Maike K. from Schenefeld, Patrick W. from Wattenbek, Ines S. from Hanover, Alina S. from Landshut, Barbara H. from Bonn, Josi L. from Mannheim, Melanie P. from Mittweida, Hanna M. from Felsberg and Leone T. from Mannheim. Congratulations! Do you want to crackle again? register now for free