Which voltage detector

TROTEC voltage detector BE16

The non-contact voltage detector BE16 is part of the basic equipment of every home and craftsman. The practical high-speed measuring device reliably detects voltage sources from just 5 volts up to 1,000 volts or 50 Hz to 400 Hz.

On the side of the voltage detector, the sensitivity can be continuously adjusted using the rotary control. This allows you to fine-tune the measuring range to the expected voltage. It is ideal for e.g. B. to find a broken cable or to determine the presence of AC voltage in fuses, open wires, cable drums, junction boxes, sockets, switches and hidden wall cables.

Fast and reliable voltage test - even in dark places

Due to the capacitive measuring process, it is sufficient to bring the voltage detector close to the conductor - the BE16 warns you quickly and without contact with a red flashing LED throughout the detector tip. In addition, an acoustic warning signal sounds.

The compact pen-shaped voltage detector is equipped with a switchable LED light integrated in the measuring head, which enables you to work safely and precisely even in poor lighting conditions.

Whether attached with a clip in your shirt, jacket or trouser pocket - with the handy BE16 you always have a reliable test device ready to hand for quick voltage detection.