What is the cheapest accommodation in Delhi

cost for a 2 week trip in India

How much does a trip in India cost? Our customers ask us this question very often. Therefore we explain here how much a trip in India for two weeks should cost you.

We have calculated the cost of a two week trip to India based on three different travel categories. The sum corresponds to the price for an adult (if you are traveling in pairs) and includes all costs (including flight from Germany). Of course it depends on you and the chosen route how expensive your trip in India will be. But we hope that we can give you a good overview with this short description.

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How much money do we need on our trip in India? We'll tell you!

An overview of the travel costs:

In the table below we have put together the approximate travel costs for a two-week trip to India so that you can get an overview. The information is in euros. But first a brief explanation of the different categories:


  • Overnight in hotels
  • Transport by train & bus
  • Economical on food and activities


  • Overnight in simple hotels & homestays
  • Transport by train, private transfers and possibly domestic flights
  • Inexpensive food & activities


  • Overnight stays in boutique hotels from 3 stars
  • Transport with private driver service & flights
  • Eating comfort & lots of activities


Costs before the start of the journey

Expect three major costs that arise in the run-up to the trip:

1. Airfare

Flights from Germany to India (return flight) cost around € 600. Depending on the season and the planning period, deviations up and down are of course unavoidable.

2. Visa

An e-tourist visa for India (30 days) costs USD 82 / EUR 71. We have summarized here how to apply for the visa and what to consider.

3. Vaccinations

There is basically no compulsory vaccination for India, but the Foreign Office recommends some vaccinations. We charge around EUR 140 per person. Some health insurance companies pay these costs.


Accommodation costs


We recommend our customers who want to keep their accommodation costs low when traveling in India to stay in hostels. These cost between INR 300 and 1300 (4-16 EUR) per night. For this price you get a simple room or a bed in a shared room. There are more and more Indian backpacker hostels. Many also offer numerous extra activities and of course the opportunity to get to know other travelers. A great deal, especially for solo travelers!

It is possible to find even cheaper accommodation in India - INR 300 to 500 (4 - 7 EUR)! However, the cleanliness here often leaves a lot to be desired and frequent changes of ownership mean that it is difficult to give serious recommendations. That is why we prefer to book accommodations that are priced between INR 800 and 1500 and in which we have already stayed personally. This is how we can guarantee good service!


Backpacking India: This is what a typical hostel dorm looks like.


In this price range you almost always have your own room including bathroom. For this budget we have included a mixture of solid hotels and a few nights in great homestays or heritage hotels!

On average, you should expect about INR 2500 - 3000 (30 - 37 EUR) per night. A nice breakfast is usually included. The hotels that we book often have a great view or heritage character!

In our English blog we have already presented some accommodations of this category so that you can get an impression of what exactly you can expect: Homestay in Udaipur

There are many nice accommodations for a medium budget. Here the Tree of Life Hotel in Delhi


Do you value a comfortable bed and comfort? Then you can stay in a beautiful boutique and heritage hotel for around INR 5000 to 8000 (62 - 98 EUR) per night. In this price range, breakfast is of course included, as well as a mostly very nice location and in some cases a pool.

Here, too, we have selected a few examples for you:

The palace hotels in Rajasthan are particularly impressive and luxurious.


Travel expenses in India


We book trains for you in this price range as often as possible. Trains are a simple, relatively comfortable and, above all, exciting means of transportation in India. We calculate here with A / C classes (with air conditioning). We have put together a helpful overview of the large number of Indian train classes and more information about train travel in India for you here.

What has to be taken into account is that there are not train connections between all cities and that train tickets are often fully booked months in advance. Then buses are recommended as a substitute. They are a little less comfortable, but always available and there is almost every imaginable connection. Booking public transportation to travel to India can be a bit of a hassle. We are happy to help you. Write to us here.

If you use public transport or tuk tuks or taxis in the cities, you should get by with a total of around INR 700 (EUR 9) per person / day for transport costs. Tip: Taxi apps like Uber or Ola work great in the big cities and are very cheap!

Traveling by train in India, a very special experience


Here, too, the train is the first choice, but if there is no train connection you can rely on a transfer by car and driver! You may even have enough budget for a domestic flight if you want to explore different regions of India. If that's what you want, you should expect about INR 1250 (17 EUR) per person per day for the transport.


Your personal driver will take you comfortably from A to B. For longer distances we book domestic flights or a first-class train ticket so that you can experience India stress-free. For this service, calculate with approx. INR 2300 (28 EUR) per person / day.

Our drivers are friendly and talkative and will give you a cultural insight into the country they grew up in - Credit: Fabio Campo


Daily cost of food

The Indian cuisine is incredibly diverse and offers enough choice to surprise you again and again, even for longer stays.

Local street food and simple restaurants:

The cheapest way to eat is certainly to mingle with the locals and eat in one of the countless simple restaurants or street stalls. You have to pay attention to the hygiene, but usually nothing should happen. At Local Food, we advise you to make sure that you go to shops that are well frequented by the locals.

In larger cities (e.g. Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi) this shouldn't be a problem at all. In smaller, more touristy cities, however, you should move a little out of the tourist center to find good quality food at local prices. Food in this category is extremely cheap and often of very good quality and tasty.

A simple breakfast (omelette / idli / dosas) including tea or coffee costs a very reasonable INR 100 to 150 (approx. 1.20 - 1.80 EUR). In addition, the small corner shops are a great way to observe real Indian life. A full lunch / dinner is also very affordable at INR 150 to 300 (1.80 - 4 EUR).

Street food is part of every trip to India! Credit: Ivan Komarov -Flickr

Air-conditioned simple restaurants:

If you want to sit more comfortably, the food is still very cheap by European standards. A meal in a regular restaurant will reduce your budget by approx. INR 300 to 400 (4 - 6 EUR).

Fine restaurants:

It gets significantly more expensive in restaurants in luxury hotels, where the bill for a meal quickly amounts to INR 1000 or even 2000 (14 - 28 EUR).

Noble restaurant in India.

Entrance fees to monuments and costs for excursions


Basically, the budget for sights in India naturally depends on your interests, what you want to visit and whether you book a guide. So depending on your interests, you will spend different amounts. Therefore, only rough estimates are given here. In general, admissions for western tourists are significantly higher than for Indians. If you are a student, it is definitely worth taking a student ID with you, as there are often discounts. At the Taj Mahal, for example, entry for international guests costs around INR 1,000 (around EUR 12). On average, we calculate around INR 3000 to 5000 (40-70 euros) per person per trip for all entrance fees. If you book a guide on site, it can of course be more expensive.

The famous Taj Mahal should of course not be missing on any trip!


The price range for activities is even larger. On the one hand because every traveler has different preferences and on the other hand because some things are very cheap to do in India, while others seem disproportionately expensive. Here are some examples that can serve as guidelines:

  • Cooking class: If you want to swing the wooden spoon yourself in order to get to know the wonderful Indian cuisine even better, you can do that pretty cheaply. Under supervision, you will cook typical dishes for around 3 hours, which you can of course also consume yourself. All of this only costs INR 800 - 1500 (11 - 20 EUR).
  • Jeep safari: A tiger safari, e.g. For example through the legendary Ranthambore National Park, on the other hand, it costs around INR 3000 INR (38 EUR) for two people.

In total, we calculate a sum of INR 3000 to 10,000 (75 - 130 EUR).

Cooking classes in India so you can take a little bit of India home with you!


India is an absolute shopping paradise! There are wonderful handicrafts, textiles and spices en masse at affordable prices. Experience has shown that visitors therefore spend more money than expected. We calculate 100 to 230 EUR, but of course that can quickly increase.

Hopefully you now have a clear picture of how expensive or cheap your trip in India should be. When planning and implementing travel plans, we always make sure that you stick to your budget and choose accommodation and transport accordingly. Plan your trip with us now and we guarantee you a trip to India exactly according to your individual ideas.