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Trump is expensive. No, not his ties. They are made in China. But the cost of the security of the president and his large family. The head of the Secret Service, Randolph "Tex" Alles, is now sounding the alarm. If nothing happens, the security service will run out of money on September 30th, Alles told the newspaper USA Today.

That was partly foreseeable. Eleven more people need to be protected under President Trump than under his predecessor Barack Obama. There are 42 people in total. Including 18 family members, such as Trump's four adult children and their families.

But there are also considerable extra costs. Millions alone are consumed by Trump's habit of spending almost every weekend either at his golf club "Mar-a-Lago", Florida, which he likes to call the "Winter White House" - or at his country estate in Bedminster, New Jersey. The protection of the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in New York also adds up to the bill. Especially the first few months when Trump's wife Melania stayed in New York so that son Barron could finish his school year there.

Trump also likes to dine in public spaces. He held a working lunch with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe in the very popular restaurant of his golf club in Florida. The security effort is significantly higher than if both - as usual - had eaten together in an adjoining room.

The golf courses are not designed for the special security requirements of a US president. The state bears the necessary changes. The costs for the security personnel too, of course. As well as the horrendous rent. The state pays the hotel bills in Trump's own hotels. Which is why Trump had to put up with the accusation of doing business in his own pocket. Not to forget that the coast guard has to patrol "Mar-a-Lago" around the clock when Trump is swinging the golf club there again. Another difficulty: everything works without disrupting normal hotel operations. After all, Trump has fun occasionally surprisingly at the weddings of his hotel guests.

Trump's staffing needs are enormous. Last year, the number of Secret Service employees increased by 800 to 1,400. But only in order to be able to guarantee the safety of President Obama and the candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the election year. This year, however, the staff has just been reduced to 1,100 agents.

When Trump's sons Eric and Donald Trump junior fly to the United Arab Emirates, 13,000 kilometers away, Secret Service security personnel are always with them. Incidentally, the reason for the trip was the inauguration of a luxury golf club that was adorned with the name Trump.

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For the coming year, the Secret Service expects additional costs of a good $ 60 million. Almost half of that goes on for the extended family. The rest for the presidential golf trips. For comparison: Obama's security costs for travel amounted to nearly $ 100 million. In eight years, however. Trump will have this sum together after just over three years if he continues like this.

And it's not just about the money. The officers have already accumulated countless hours of overtime. Many have long since reached the upper limits provided for this. In September, however, a good 150 heads of state meet in New York for United Nations Week. This is considered a "National Special Security Event" in the US under the direction of the Secret Service. Whose boss is all wondering how he should manage it. "Normally we weren't so empty by then."

The Secret Service will not go bankrupt. The Democrats have given assurances that they will raise the budget. The Secret Service has no choice either, it has to provide the staff somehow. If necessary, even without payment. It is already clear that some 130 re-hired former Secret Service officials will have to waive part of their compensation for hundreds of hours of overtime. If Trump's presidency fails, it will certainly not be because no one was looking out for him.