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virtual (German) [edit]


Word separation:

virtual, No increase


IPA: [vɪʁtuˈɛl], [vɪʁtuˈʔɛl]
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Rhymes: -ɛl


[1] simulated by a computer
[2] only exists in theory
[3] Mediated by computer, not in the analog world


from frenchvirtual→ fr 'Able', going back to Latinvirtus→ la 'Strength, masculinity, virtue' (compare virtuoso) to Latinvir→ la ,Man'.[Sources are missing]


[1] simulated
[2] assumed, thought, imaginable, imaginary, theoretical
[3] in special contexts:digital

Sense releated words:

[2] conceivable

Opposite words:

[1] physically
[1, 2] really, really, really, really
[3] analog, in "real life" (in everyday life outside of computer work and the Internet)


[1] Through this virtual You can already view the finished building in 3D graphics.
[1] Take a look at ours virtual Semester reserve.
[2] When the lens is refracted, a virtual and a real picture.
[2] ... there the longitudes and latitudes are only thought of, or as they say, virtual.[1]
[3] Take a look at ours virtual Semester reserve.
[3] Lessons can only be held because of the corona crisis virtual occur.

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] virtualReality, virtual world
[2] virtualWork, a virtualPicture, virtualDimensions, virtualParticle
[2] virtualPresentation, more virtualServer, virtualmachine
[3] virtualCounseling center

Translations [edit]

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  1. Quote from Max Born: Einstein's Theory of Relativity, 3rd Edition, Springer 1922, page 171

Similar words (German):

similarly written and / or pronounced:ritual