Shang from Disney's Mulan is bisexual

"Mulan" real-life version without Li Shang?

Fans suspect that Walt Disney is removing the main male character Li Shang from the script.
Disney is currently working on a live version of the Disney cartoon classic "Mulan". The main actress has already been found. The Chinese Yifei Liu ("Forbidden Kingdom") will slip into the role of the title character "Mulan". Martial arts expert Donnie Yen also joins the cast. Additional cast members have not yet been announced.

Li Shang not there?

Fans suspect that an important figure will not appear: namely the bisexual captain Li Shang.

A photo from a casting call posted on Twitter suggests this. There they are looking for another, similar figure, called Chen Honghui. It is about a captain who only falls in love with Mulan, disguised as a man, when she reveals to him that she is really a woman.

Comment now Was Li Shang's bisexuality the problem?

In the Disney classic, however, according to fans, Li Shen falls in love with Mulan much earlier, namely before her outing. On Twitter, some users get upset about it:

"I am sad to report that it has been confirmed in principle that Li Shang will not be in the live-action film Mulan. The Mulan casting call turned out to be accurate. Donnie Yen was cast as Commander Tung, who appears in the description [of the role] 'Cheng Honghui'. Rest in peace, bisexual icon. "

saddened to report it's basically been confirmed that li shang will not be in the live-action mulan. the mulan casting call has been confirmed to be accurate. donnie yen was cast as "commander tung," who is in the description for "chen honghui." rest in peace bisexual icon.— nerdy (@nerdyasians) April 16, 2018

Another fan is angry too: "It disgusts me. Disney is apparently still pissed off that they accidentally portrayed Li Shang as bisexual. Therefore, REMOVE ANY CHANCE that 'Chen' can be considered bisexual. They make it clear that he HATES Mulan all the time," while she pretends to be a man. He bullies her until he finds out she is a woman. "

i'm disgusted. disney is obviously still mad they accidentally made li shang bisexual, so they're REMOVING ANY POSSIBILITY that "chen" is seen as bisexual. they make it clear he HATES mulan the whole time she's presenting male. he bullies her up until he finds out she's a woman.— princess mizzy 🌹 (@hellomizzyy) April 16, 2018

Incidentally, the remake should start in Austrian cinemas in March 2020.

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