What is a surprise secret wedding

Surprise Picnic Wedding - great ideas for an emotional surprise wedding

The world is still upside down, but we have been able to slowly and carefully celebrate love again since June! And we should all enjoy that to the fullest. This inspiration shoot shows how it is possible to celebrate a wonderful and very romantic wedding even in times of Corona.

And what exactly it can look like and why a surprise wedding is a wonderful thing, that is what the wedding photographer Tanja Münnich and the wedding speaker Karin von Trauschön captured beautifully in their concept.

And of course there are many great extra tips from Karin, so that the surprise is a success.

Surprise after the registry office

After Benny and Natalie's civil wedding, a magical picnic is planned for the newly wed bride and groom in the Singer riding facility in Dortmund - in accordance with Corona. What Natalie and Benny do not yet know at this point: a really wonderful surprise is waiting for them. And that in the person of the wedding speaker Karin, who, together with the maid of honor, prepared a loving and unforgettable free wedding ceremony. And all in secret.

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Because even if you only get married for two - just the two of us - or celebrate a micro wedding, it can be particularly beautiful and extraordinary for that very reason. Very close, very intimate, very familiar.

In her humorous narrative, Karin reproduced the extremely turbulent love story of Natalie and Benny and provided unforgettable goosebumps. A very special highlight during the wedding were the many loving, crazy and funny congratulations from all friends from near and far, which Karin read out during the ceremony. So somehow everyone was there in the end.

Planning a surprise wedding

But how exactly can I imagine the preparations for such a “surprise wedding”? Where did Karin get the necessary information about the bride and groom and did she use a standard speech for this unusual event?

I asked Karin all this and much more so that you too can plan a surprise for your best friend, or maybe even for someone you love.

Karin says: In this case, the preparation was already a very elaborate and time-consuming affair! A bit like putting together a lot of individual mosaic stones - which had to be put together to create a beautiful picture.

Usually I talk to the bride and groom themselves and take a lot of time for their stories, shared experiences and wishes. Of course, that was not possible this time, because otherwise the whole surprise would have been gone. That's why I spoke to a lot of friends and family members to get an idea of ​​Natalie and Benny. To get a feel for what makes the two of them tick, what they like - very simply to understand what is special about their love. It is less about facts like profession or hobbies than about understanding the couple as a whole.

Incidentally, this is the case with every speech. There are no standard formulations or a fixed framework. Because every couple has a very individual story that needs to be discovered. The newlyweds are often quite surprised at how deep our conversations are. It's just a very exciting process.

Does that mean that you write a separate speech for each bride and groom?

In any case. Otherwise I couldn't live up to my claim and my promise. A really authentic speech about a couple can only be formulated individually, otherwise it looks artificial and artificial. I often hear that about very kitschy ceremonies in which a lot of work is done with well-known readings or so-called love poetry. Sorry - I think that's scary!

How long preparation time do you usually need for a wedding?

That is difficult to answer across the board. Basically, for me, it always includes an hour to get to know each other, so that you can see whether the chemistry between me and the couple is right. This is usually followed by a 4-hour wedding interview, in which I get to know the couple properly and we talk about all the wishes for the free wedding ceremony.

And then it goes to the creative part. I work out a first concept and start developing the speech. Sometimes I immediately have a brilliant idea and it rattles in my head. Occasionally, however, all beginnings are difficult. The only thing that helps me is a long walk with our dachshund lady Toni Erdmann and the ideas are bubbling up again.

Well, and then there are the conversations with groomsmen or close friends / family, with whom I always enjoy talking. Then there is usually the inside information that gives the speech the flavor it needs. They can either be very funny or very touching, depending on what these favorite people tell me about my couples.

And last but not least, the ceremony is fine-tuned at the end. This is very important so that the bride and groom can go into this very special day in a relaxed manner.

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Do you have any tips for maids of honor, siblings or parents who would also like to plan such a wonderful surprise for their loved ones?

  1. Partner in crime
    It's always great when you have a planning team that coordinates the whole thing. This could be the groomsmen or someone from the family. I call them “partners in crime”. Because they all have addresses and know exactly who is important and who should definitely be there. They should also know the couple very well to know whether they really like a surprise like this.
  2. Personal & authentic
    I have developed very different questionnaires for all friends and family members so that there is no duplication and the good wishes don't get boring. And developed questions that turn out to be very different anyway, such as "the funniest or most chaotic experience with Benny or Natalie". After all, each has a different kind of relationship with the two of them.
  3. Longer is not better
    You shouldn't make the ceremony too long, it should be entertaining right down to the last sentence, hence my motto: Sometimes less is more! Incidentally, this also applies to the pieces of music. Three to four songs are enough to give a ceremony a nice musical setting.

The concept of the picnic wedding

Of course, one or the other decorative accessory could not be missing at this picnic wedding in order to conjure up a wonderfully romantic wedding flair. In addition to the specially made stationery and the cake, this also includes beautiful details such as the Vespa for the bride and groom or of course a picnic blanket and chairs for the free wedding ceremony.

Fresh colors of early summer were combined here with natural saga and nude tones from the Wies Reiterhof.

Floral wedding stationery “Nothing Fancy - Just Love

Nadja von Schneider's stationery has conjured up wonderfully filigree stationery in delicate blush tones and floral elements. But: there are no classic invitation cards at a surprise wedding.

So the statement card “We got married. Nothing fancy - just love ”, with which Natalie and Benny were able to capture their wedding in wonderful pictures. Additional small signs with the name or motto of the bride and groom immediately conjure up a wonderful atmosphere.

The wedding cake of this intimate wedding ceremony - culinary micro wedding

I am just here fort he cake. The two-tier semi-naked cake with dripped caramel from Tortenatelier Schwanbeck is not only a visual dream and it makes your mouth water immediately. Real flowers such as peonies and roses in pastel blush tones combined with strong red immediately give the cake a classy look. Cake pops in shimmering gold tones and LOVE cookies in lush green round off the culinary delights.

Bridal bouquet and flower crown as a noble eye-catcher

The famous red thread of the color concept is clearly formed by the bridal bouquet and the flower crown from the Antoniak flower workshop. I always say it: flowers are the soul of every wedding decoration. And you can see that wonderfully with this concept. Delicate peonies and purple star flowers combined with strong roses form a great contrast and not only decorate the bride as a flower wreath, but also the wedding cake.