What is Salesforce Lightning Sync

Contacts sync between Outlook and Salesforce

Salesforce for Outlook, Outlook Integration, Lightning Sync, Einstein Activity Capture ... There are now an unbelievable number of offers for contact synchronization between Outlook and Salesforce. Who can still keep track of this? We have taken a closer look at the topic and hope to be able to answer one or two open questions.

According to McKinsey & Company, spend Salespeople spend an average of around 28% of their working week processing emails and just under 20% looking for information. Salesforce recognized early on that the work of sales had to be made easier at this point and with the introduction of Salesforce for Outlook paved the way for the synchronization of contacts, events and tasks between the Outlook desktop version and your own CRM system. In addition, the sidebar integrated in Outlook made it possible to add emails to Salesforce contacts, leads and opportunities. With just a few manual clicks Salesforce records were always up to date and contained the latest information.

Salesforce for Outlook & Outlook integration

In December 2020 Salesforce for Outlook however, officially set and replaced by the successor, the Outlook integration, replaced. There is also another product, Lightning Sync, the end of 2021 and will no longer be available to new Salesforce customers. While Salesforce for Outlook was an application to be installed locally, the Outlook integration a cloud-based add-on for Outlook. This has the advantage that you always have the latest integration functions available - regardless of whether you use Outlook on your desktop or mobile. Sales reps can view, edit, and add information to Salesforce records right from their email.

Einstein Activity Capture

In order to enable long-term synchronization of contacts between Outlook and Salesforce, Salesforce recommends from now on, Einstein Activity Capture (Einstein activity tracking) to use. This is a productivity tool that lets you sync contact information between Salesforce and Outlook and keep it up to date. Incoming and outgoing emails and events will be without a manual click added to related Salesforce records (accounts, contacts, contracts, leads, opportunities, and quotes).

Also be Contact information from emails automatically matched with your Salesforce contact details. The Einstein activity tracking also checks whether contacts with matching email addresses already exist in Salesforce or Outlook. According to Salesforce, two contacts will be brought together here. If no match is found, a check is carried out to determine whether there is a match between the first and last names. If this is the case, these contacts are assigned to each other and synchronized. If they do not match, a new contact is created. Additionally checked Einstein Activity Capturewhether the company name of a contact corresponds to an account in Salesforce. In this case, the contact is assigned to a Salesforce account. If you use the Sales Cloud, 100 licenses for your company are already included in your package. All other licenses must be purchased separately.

In summary, this means that jumping back and forth between Salesforce and Outlook is avoided and contact data is easily synchronized between Outlook and Salesforce. However, here only Email addresses, first and last names and company names matched and synchronized. But what happens to all the other valuable information that is also in a contact's signature? What if these dates change?

snapADDY DataQuality as the perfect addition

With snapADDY DataQuality From now on you will not lose any information or changes, because they will all Matched contact data from the email signature, not just names and email addresses. Incoming emails will be automatically compared with existing data records. Let's assume you are in contact with a prospect who is then suddenly promoted from sales manager to sales manager - a decision-making position. This change is made by snapADDY DataQuality recognized and displayed directly. You then have the option of automatically applying the change and contact him immediately and congratulate him on the new position. This opportunity may open up new sales opportunities.

Your contact details are with snapADDY DataQuality always up to date - without manually checking the e-mail signatures! Of course, you can also benefit from the automated readout of the signatures if the contact details have not yet been assigned to an existing data record. With just one click you can then create a new data record without having to type it in manually! Try it now for free snapADDY DataQuality!

Contact data acquisition and data updating in real time has never been so easy!