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Paper formats for copiers

DIN standard for paper formats

Paper formats are standardized. The standard sizes were introduced in 1922 by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). The sizes were determined according to a certain mathematical principle, which is expressed in the following relationship between paper width and height:

1 : √2

The available paper sizes are divided into four rows from A to D. We are most familiar with the A series, which includes the standard A4 copy paper. Each row is numbered from 0 to 10 (e.g. DIN A0 to DIN A10, DIN B0 to DIN B10, etc.): the larger the number, the smaller the paper format.

Worldwide standard - except in ...

... the USA, Canada and China. Otherwise, the standard for paper sizes ISO 216 / DIN 476 has established itself worldwide. In North America, one speaks of US letter format.

A4 - the standard

In German Offices and households Printers and copiers mainly throw out this paper format: DIN A4. With the dimensions 210 x 297 mm, everyday use can no longer be imagined without it: Whether spiral notebooks, contracts, forms or magazines - a lot is optimized for A4. The name is explained by its relationship to the reference format A0: A4 paper is A0 paper that is folded four times. A4 paper with 80 g / m² is usually output for printers and copiers - that's 5 grams per sheet. There are also thicker or thinner papers for certain occasions or print jobs.

Usual thicknesses for paper are between 30 g / m² and 500 g / m².

A3 - Better planning

Many office copiers have a feeder for A3 paper in addition to A4. Especially for Wall planners or organizational charts this format with the dimensions 297 x 420 mm is suitable. A3 laser printers and A3 scanners are now part of office equipment like a coffee machine. The number after the A is explained in a similar way to A4 paper: You have to fold an A0 sheet three times to make an A3 sheet. An A3 sheet of 80 g / m² weighs 10 g.

A2 - the poster format

A2 formats are often required in advertising agencies and construction offices. Also Posters or wall calendars are printed on A2. Flipchart paper is also in A2 format. A simple office copier is not designed for this format. Large format printers or plotters are used here. A2 paper is 420 x 594 mm and weighs 20 g at 80 g / m².

Large format printer (Large format printer, LFP)

From format DIN A2, printouts on simple office printers are impossible. Large format printers are for print widths between 1.3 and 5 meters designed. So-called infinitus printers have a printing width of 12 to 50 meters. In most cases it is Inkjet printer. Large format printers not only print on paper, but also Textiles, foils or PVC tarpaulins.

A0 / A1 - For civil engineers

Technical drawings for civil engineers or film posters are printed on DIN A0 (841 x 1189) or DIN A1 (594 x 841). As with A2 formats, only Large format printer Afford. Please read our information box on large format printers. In the office context, A0 and A1 formats are uncommon. Copies or printouts of this size are rarely used here, so that the purchase of an A0 or A1-capable copier is not worthwhile. If the format is needed, the printouts can externally commissioned can be given: for example online or - if things have to be done quickly - in a copy shop in your vicinity.