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Translation of "your manipulations" in German

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This had better not be one of your manipulations.
You think you're so subtle with your manipulations?
Do you know, in the past, I actually appreciated the methods to your manipulations.
Do you know, in the past, I actually appreciated the methods to your manipulations.
Your manipulations are exposed on a website.

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You all progressed greatly in controlling your manipulation powers.
I am so sorry, Lemon ... but in deference to my Belle sisters, I will not fall prey to your manipulation.
But out of consideration for my Belle sisters, I'll be up your sex don't fall for it.
Maximize your skill using Direct manipulation to interact with models.
Better you Your Skills through direct Machining to interact with models.
Despite your callous manipulative, maybe you were well-intentioned somewhere, deep, deep down.
In spite of yours heartless Manipulations, maybe you meant well somewhere, deep, deep down.
We employ technical and organizational means to protect your data from manipulation, loss or destruction.
We use technical and organizational means to implement Your Dates before Manipulation, loss or to protect destruction.
This serves to protect your data against manipulation or deletion by third parties.
Seton has told us of your very successful manipulative of Seaboard.
If you have dozens of images, most times you cannot use your image manipulation program to view them due to its slowness and complexity.
When you have dozens of pictures, you can't the image processing to look at it as it is just too complex and slow.
This lesson shows how to fill out your application with data manipulation and navigation logic.
The move options bar is displayed representing the possible manipulative for your selection.
The bar with the move options appears with the possible Values For Your Selection displayed.
The more advanced user may need a utility for backup of your hard drive partition manipulation and data migration.
The experienced users need a backup program Of their Hard disk partition manipulation and data migration.
Velcro strap for easier manipulation with your yoga mat.
Push your art of manipulation to its limits!
Fast, easy selection tools for direct manipulation of your design models
Fast, easy selection tools and tools for direct Handling your Design models
Or was his friendship only a manipulation on your part?
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