What happened to Trump's planes

Donald Trump's Boeing 757 is rusting to itself

Few people can afford to use a Boeing 757 as a private jet. Donald Trump at least could and used one of the medium-haul aircraft as his means of transport. When he took office as President of the United States in 2017, he had even bigger aircraft available: the Boeing 747, which serve as Air Force One.

The real estate entrepreneur did not need his private Boeing 757 with the registration number N757AF, which was nicknamed Trump Force One during the election campaign, in the four years of his tenure. Shortly before he had to leave the White House again, it was said that he wanted to use the 757 again soon. There is a catch, however.

Little joy in Cessna Citation

The Boeing 757 needed a loan engine to fly from its location at Stewart Airport north of New York for maintenance in the state of Louisiana, it was said in December 2020. But this did not happen. On the day of his successor Joe Biden's inauguration, Trump took a final Air Force One flight to Florida.

Since then he has been on the road with his Cessna 750 Citation X. "The little jet is not his favorite," a former passenger told CNN. The business jet is not only significantly smaller and less luxurious than the 757 with its gold-plated fittings, it also doesn't have a large Trump logo.

Not a good parking lot

The almost 30-year-old Boeing 757 is still at Stewart Airport, as footage from CNN shows. The Rolls-Royce RB211 engines are covered, the one on the left apparently even removed - probably for repair and maintenance purposes. Getting the jet fit again shouldn't be cheap, and neither should flying it again.

This leads to speculation as to whether Trump can or will no longer afford the Boeing 757 at the moment. As a long-term car park, New York is also not a good place, as the region is not warm and dry. In winter, the average temperature is zero degrees or just above it and the number of rainy days is eight to ten all year round. That hurts the plane.