What songs did Freddie Mercury write

10 Freddie Mercury Songs Everyone Needs To Know

Freddie Mercury has achieved cult status worldwide as the front man of the band Queen in the field of rock music. His unmistakable voice and the extravagant appearance on stage as well as in the music videos have remained unreachable to this day. The singer has also written and published his own songs with great success, many of which were even performed in cooperation with other famous performers.

1. Love kills

The song "Love Kills" comes from the soundtrack of the classic silent film "Metropolis". It is the first single that Freddie Mercury released as a solo musician. In collaboration with the Italian music producer Giorgio Moroder, an extraordinary film music was created that will be remembered for a long time.

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2. Barcelona

Freddie Mercury sings this song with the Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé and shows his love for classical opera. The exceptional musical talent can finally prove his enormous vocal volume and so emphatically enchants his worldwide following.

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3. There Must Be More To Life Than This

This song was written in cooperation with Michael Jackson in the 80s of the last century. It was only released by the band Queen in 2013 on the album "Queen Forever", long after the death of the two cult figures.

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4. Man From Manhattan

This song was written and published by British singer Eddie Howell. But Freddie Mercury provides both the background vocals and his virtuoso skills on the piano. The lead singer of Queen at the time also produced the single.

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5. I Was Born To Love You

This song is part of the solo album "Mr. Bad Guy", which Freddie Mercury released in 1985. The song convinces with two different variants, as a groovy disco number and also as a hard rock song, which was recorded by the band Queen.

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6. Time Waits For No One

This fascinating song was created as part of the soundtrack of the musical "Time" and has been waiting for its release for more than 30 years. The author of the musical is Dave Clark, he composed the version for an extremely long time. The song features a minimalist display of Mercury's incomparable voice, accompanied only by a piano.

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7. The Great Pretender

Mercury didn't write this single, but it made him famous all over the world. The lyrics fit perfectly with his unique personality, his musical career and his breathtaking presence on stage.

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8. Living On My Own

This song was written by Freddie Mercury and can also be found on his solo album "Mr. Bad Guy". The piece is extremely danceable and was released as a lively dance remix after his death. With this single, the singer posthumously achieved his first number one hit as a solo musician.

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9. Made In Heaven

Although Freddie Mercury didn’t notice the release of this song after his death, the piece still earned a place in the hearts of his fans. The title of the song alludes to the far too early death of the cult figure and has become a classic.

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10. In My Defense

This song also comes from the musical "Time" and can also be found on the album of the same name. Freddie Mercury sang the piece live with Cliff Richard on his last appearance.

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