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The word teenager [ˈTiːnˌeɪdʒɚ], also shortened teen, comes from English and actually refers to a person who is at least 13 (thirteen) and at most 19 (nineteen) years old, but sometimes (incorrectly) also includes younger and older people. The numbers 13 to 19 end in “teen”, the ending “ager” refers to the English word age for (age) age.

The designation was used in the USA from around the mid-1930s and finally caught on there in the mid-1940s. The emergence of the new definition of adolescents as teenagers was closely linked to the developing consumer society and the increasing interest of young people as a target group for modern marketing. After the Second World War, the term quickly caught on in Europe and, due to the American occupation, particularly quickly in West Germany.

A Adolescent In contrast, under German civil law, a person is at least 14 but not yet 18 years old. Girls of this age were sometimes referred to colloquially until the 1960s with the word backfisch, which is now considered obsolete. Up until the early 1970s, male adolescents who stood out for their impressive behavior or who showed signs of criminal behavior were called youngsters in western Germany, with an overtone of rowdy. However, this term is now out of date and most young people no longer know it in its original context.

Teenagers, especially in teen films, are cliché portrayed as lively and emotionally unstable, which is supposed to allude to problems of puberty.

The term youth is a term in youth law, according to which the criminal responsibility is assigned (14 to 21 years). The transition from childhood through adolescence to adulthood is called adolescence.