How do I stop facial hair from growing


Depending on Disposition, skin type andorigin, as well as the Hormonal statusIn humans, both men and women have a different tendency to hair growth on different parts of the body. Most women want to stop hair growth when it comes to parts of the body like that face, the Armpits or the Genital area goes.

In order to achieve this goal and to stop or slow down growth, there are various options that have different degrees of effectiveness.

What are the options to stop hair growth?

Probably the most common way to remove unwanted body hair is this Shave. The problem here, however, is usually that the hair grows back quickly and stubbornly. If you want to be freed from the annoying hair for longer, you can come to one epilator to grab. This device tears the hairat the root out and leads to them only after about 3 to 4 weeks grow back. With prolonged use, the hair becomes increasingly thinner and softer.

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The method of Growing has a similar effect. A distinction is made between the use ofHot wax andCold wax strips. This method can be carried out as well as the so-called Brazilian waxing and the Sugaring in a beauty parlor.

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There are also in every drugstoreDepilatory creams that can be applied to the skin in the shower and peel off the hair.

In addition, there are of course more expensive methods like that Lasers for permanent hair removal.

For women who, because of a changed hormonal balance Having to contend with increased hair growth may also stop taking the pilllead to a reduction in hair growth.

Hair removal creams

There is hair removal Creams, lotions or foam productswhich are available in pharmacies and drug stores. These products enable painless hair removal that the Hair roots However, they cannot be removed as well, which means that the hair can grow back.

Due to the ingredients of the Depilatory creams the hair is dissolved after a few minutes and can then be removed with a spatula. Due to the components, some of which are toxic, can allergic reaction occur on the creams. Therefore, the compatibility tested on a small area of ​​skin. The depilatory creams should be used with particular caution on the face and genital area.

Test hair growth in women

What are the causes of your increased hair growth?
Answer to this 15 quick questions and learn your cause and treatment options.
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Hormonal methods to stop hair growth

With some women there is one hormonal disorder which leads to the fact that hair on the body grows thicker and darker. One speaks of Hirsutism

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The cause of this increased hair growth is an excess of male sex hormones, the Androgens. Every woman carries this to a small extent, but in patients with hirsutism their concentration is higher. Often the disease occurs in connection with the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome on.

Increased hair growth can occur in women too after menopause occur due to hormonal changes in the body.

If the hair growth affects the affected woman very severely, a estrogen-containing birth control pill the hormonal balance towards the female sex hormones be moved. In individual cases, low-dose Glucocorticoids help that reduce the proportion of male sex hormones.

Permanent hair removal options

Most of the methods to permanently remove hair are based on that Exposure to light. The prerequisite for success is that the hair is at the time of application growth are located. However, this is only for 20 to 30 percent the case, which is why several applications have to be carried out in order to permanently remove all hair from a part of the body. As a rule, depending on the size of the body part and the density of the hair, 4 to 10 sessions necessary.

The IPL method(intense pulse light = intense pulsating light) works with Xenon light, that of the color pigment of the hair, the Melanin, is recorded. This will warmth generated and that Hair at its source desolate,whereby it cannot grow back. However, if the hair has little melanin, so This procedure does not work for very light hair.

The IPL technology enables light-based, permanent hair removal. Find out more at:Permanent Hair Removal With IPL - What To Look For!

A similar method is to use a Lasers. The method is very similar to the IPL method in function and effect.

The various procedures are carried out by Doctors and cosmetic studios offered, but it is also possible to buy an IPL device and perform the treatment yourself.

Stop hair growth in the face, armpit and genital area

Most of all thatFace, armpits and genital area are very sensitive parts of the body where hair removal must be carried out very carefully. Often, however, these are also the places where the hair growth is most pronounced and least desirable.

Shave is usually the worst method in these cases, as the hair after a short time stubbly and dark grow back. For 3 to 4 weeks of smooth skin We therefore recommend that at these points Waxing. There are special ones Cold wax strips for the face and bikini linethat is adapted to the needs of sensitive skin. Hair removal with wax or sugar paste (Brazilian waxing) can also be carried out in cosmetic or hair removal studios. Also epilator can be bought with the corresponding attachments.

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Of Depilatory creamsyou should distance yourself as much as possible, as this often increases allergic skin reactions and they stand out especially on the face.

In women who have a lot of body hair, a permanent hair removal be useful. Dermatology clinics and cosmetic studios offer different methods. Most of them only work with dark growing hair, because they develop their effect on the color pigment of the hair. However, since several sessions are necessary for long-term success, one should take into account the time and expense involved in making a decision.

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Test hair growth in women

What are the causes of your increased hair growth?
Answer to this 15 quick questions and learn your cause and treatment options.
Click here to go directly to the Test hair growth in women

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