How do I get after an MBA

Do you want to continue your training in corporate management, but you don't have time for an MBA or no academic degree yet? With the Mini MBA, you can acquire management skills in a short period of time alongside your job. You can read everything about the Mini MBA in our article.

Nowadays, anyone who occupies or aspires to a management position not only has to be knowledgeable about the subject, but also has extensive knowledge of management, corporate and personnel management. But not everyone has the time or money to do a part-time MBA. With the Mini MBA, continuing education providers have created an alternative that has little to do with the academic MBA, but nevertheless conveys important skills in a short period of time.

The mini MBA has little in common with the academic degree “Master of Business Administration”. Rather, the name comes from training providers from the USA who wanted to give their general management seminars a marketing boost. In Germany, too, further education institutes have adopted the name Mini MBA and offer certificate courses in management. A mini MBA course is also offered at some universities. Here the students take individual modules, some of which are part of the full MBA course, and acquire a certificate and credit points that can be credited towards an MBA course.

Here you can find suitable providers for a Mini MBA.

Who is the Mini MBA for?

The Mini MBA is primarily aimed at people who are striving for a management position or who want to acquire basic management skills. It is particularly recommended if you want to learn a lot in little time or if you do not meet the requirements for an MBA degree, such as a first academic degree. Companies also value the Mini MBA as a means of training their employees in a short period of time.

The academic MBA might look better on paper, but especially if you are pursuing internal career goals, the mini MBA in combination with a lot of practical experience can be the faster way to the management level. In addition, the Mini MBA entails lower costs than the MBA.

In any case, you don't have to meet as many requirements for a Mini MBA as for an MBA degree. Nevertheless, the requirements differ depending on the provider.

RWT Aachen demands z. B. at least 3 years of professional experience with management experience as well as very good knowledge of German and English. Other providers indicate a target group, but do not have any admission requirements. The Mini MBA is therefore open to a great many interested parties. In any case, you should have a great willingness to learn and perseverance, because you will have to invest additional time in the Mini MBA in addition to your job.

How does the Mini MBA work?

Since the Mini MBA is not a uniform degree, the various courses differ significantly in terms of duration and process. A Mini MBA can be completed in about a month, but some courses can take a whole year.

Most Mini MBA courses are divided into different modules, each of which deals with a specific topic. The topics are partly developed completely online or in a combination of face-to-face teaching and independent learning with learning material and exercises. If the Mini MBA is offered at a university, you complete modules there that are also part of the full-time MBA. Anyone who later decides on the academic MBA can have these modules credited.

Examination achievements are also part of some mini MBA programs. With some providers, you complete the modules with term papers or exams, or you have to develop and present a project at the end of the Mini MBA.

What do you learn in the Mini MBA?

The Mini MBA teaches basic knowledge in management. This includes, for example, personnel management, corporate management and communication, but also the areas of finance, controlling and marketing are dealt with.

With some providers, you can also choose between several mini MBA programs with different focus areas. At the RWTH Aachen Business School there are e.g. B. a Mini MBA in Digital Transformation, at the MAB Swiss Executive School a Mini MBA in Junior Management.

Typical modules are:

  • Human resource management
  • marketing
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial management
  • (Internal communication

The Mini MBA can not only be completed much faster than the MBA, it is usually also much cheaper. Where you quickly have to invest a mid-five-digit amount for an MBA, you can get the Mini MBA for 4,000 - 10,000 euros. In addition, there are sometimes travel and hotel costs if you take part in a face-to-face seminar.

Since the Mini MBA is a further education, you can deduct the costs from tax.