Exfoliating your lips makes them look bigger

Full lips: an ideal of beauty?

Full lips are beautiful and have been an ideal of beauty for years. They appear very sensual to men and therefore many women see a reason to inject something on their own lips. Even if we are of the firm conviction that all lips, whether narrow or plump, are beautiful lips, the desire for a pout is great.

Surgeons from California found that the ideal mouth was around ten percent of the lower third of the face occupies. In addition, faces were perceived as particularly beautiful when the Lower lip twice as large be like the upper lip. Of course, this means full lips and not lips that have been filled with botox or hyaluronic acid. Nevertheless, it is the dream of many women to have their lips enlarged.

Can lips get bigger?

The size of the lips is genetically inherited. But that doesn't mean that the lips will keep their shape. There are now many ways to naturally cheat your lips bigger and that without plastic surgery or Botox injections.

So if you still decide to let your lips look fuller in a natural way without any splashes, cosmetic surgery and pain, we will reveal them here Tips for the natural pout.

How do I get full lips? Here are the best tips!

1. Full lips thanks to massage

  1. Massage with your fingers: To make your lips look fuller, you can massage your lips. A massage ensures good blood circulation. The blood vessels expand, take up more space and the lips appear fuller. You can easily perform the massage with your index finger or thumb. Circular movements get the blood circulation going, your lips turn red and take on a little more volume.
  2. Massage with a brush: You can of course also do this with a brush. Take a soft toothbrush and gently move your lips in a circular motion.
  3. Massage with ice cubes: Ice cubes also conjure up full lips quickly, but the effect does not last as long. Gently massage your lips with the ice cube, but be patient, because your lips need a little before the first effect becomes apparent.

2. Full lips from peeling

If you regularly exfoliate your lips, you will quickly find that your lips are better supplied with blood and appear fuller. Be through the peeling dead skin removed and the blood circulation stimulated. Brittle lips are a thing of the past. The lips look significantly more beautiful and shine in a healthy shade of red. Of course, you shouldn't rub a traditional scrub onto your sensitive lips Lip skin is very fine and can be injured by the coarse grains. Drugstores offer different lip masks, gentle exfoliants for the lips, but you can also your own lip scrub produce. You certainly have the ingredients for this in the kitchen, you need:

  • 2 teaspoons of honey

  • 3 teaspoons of olive oil

  • 2 teaspoons of brown sugar

and this is how you proceed:

  1. Mix all three ingredients well together.

  2. Apply the scrub to your lips.

  3. Gently massage it in with your finger.

  4. Leave the peeling paste on for about five minutes.

  5. Remove the scrub with a cotton ball or water.

3. Full lips thanks to hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is often associated with beauty docs who inject hyaluronic acid on the lips. But Hyaluron does not necessarily have to be injected, to get fuller lips. There are now beauty products such as balms and lip care sticks that are enriched with hyaluron and one conjure up a similar effect on the lips. The lips appear plumper and more voluminous thanks to the hyaluron and the result is visible: the natural pout! The care balm gives your lips additional care on the skin of the fine lips. So you have soft lips with a slight volume and without any splash!

4. Full lips thanks to self-made lip boosters

Natural home remedies can increase blood flow to your skin and thus stimulate your lips as well. You will quickly notice this by the slight tingling sensation on your skin and in your lips. Here you can Mint, chilli, ginger or cinnamon use. All you have to do to make your lip booster is very simple:

  1. Apply petroleum jelly to your lips.

  2. Rub it in Mint, chilli, ginger or cinnamon on your lips

  3. Let the whole thing work in a little.

  4. Wash off the lip booster.

Important: Use only one home remedy for your lip booster. Otherwise you will irritate your thin lip skin too much. If you have open areas around your mouth, you should not use the lip booster. Better to wait a few days for the areas to heal again.

5. Full lips thanks to contouring

With the contouring you can get one Put “false shadows” under your lower lip. So you cheat your lower lip a little bigger and achieve your desired lip shape pretty quickly. Just make sure that you blend the contour well and that there are no hard shadows under your lips. Just grab your bronzer and powder, which should of course be a few shades darker than your skin tone, and set a fine line under the middle part of your lower lip. You will see how quickly you can make your lower lip fuller!

A little hint: If you want to cheat your lips even bigger, you can apply a concealer before the bronzer. With the concealer you can make your natural lip edges disappear. With a lip liner you can draw new lip edges and make them look bigger.

6. Fuller lips thanks to lip liner

As already mentioned, he can Lip liner help you get fuller lips very quickly. With the Lip liner do you manage your lips to draw a little wider. But be sure to pay attention to the color of the lip liner. It should be the same color as your lips or lipstick. Because a color difference of the lip liner and your lips or your lipstick can make your lips look narrower - and that wasn't the goal. First of all, put the lip liner on your Cupid's bow and go from there to the left and right along the lip. On the lower lip, you also focus on the middle. This is how you can create a beautiful lip rim with a little volume!

7. Conjure fuller lips with highlighter

A highlighter isn't just gorgeous on the cheeks. Make-up professionals cheat their lips a little bigger with a highlighter. The highlighter is on the Middle of the upper lip, so exactly on that Cupid's bow applied. This trick adds extra depth to the upper lip, emphasizing the heart shape and making the upper lip appear fuller.

8. Full lips with the right color

Danger: Make-up experts recommend definitely put on light lipstick colors. Dark colors make the lips appear narrower. Therefore, women who want to make their lips fuller should to lighter lipstick colors to grab. But the color shouldn't be too light either. Because if you put a nude lipstick on your lips, the color may be too close to your own skin tone and your lips will "disappear" on your face.

Red lipstick Incidentally, it is best for highlighting full lips. The red color reflects the light and your lips look much more voluminous!

9. Full lips thanks to lip gloss

In addition to lipstick, there is of course also the lip gloss that your lips have full of cheating can. Here we are using a lip gloss Plumping effect. The ingredients like Mint or chilli fluff your own lips a little so that the narrow lips look larger. The glossy finish of the lip gloss also ensures a very nice kissable mouth.

A little hint: Apply the lip gloss to the middle part of your lips. Focus more on your lower lip as it creates the reflections with the light that make your lips appear fuller.

10. Pout thanks to the lip mask

Lip masks donate your lips a lot of moisture, nourish them with the right ingredients and create a voluminous instant effect on your lips. In the drugstore you can choose between lip patches and sheet masks. Both variants contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. The hyaluronic acid pushes the lips and the collagen can smooth the wrinkles. Perfect!

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