Is school better than home

Homeschooling? Distance learning? Corona, school and learning at home

The measures to contain the corona pandemic still apply. Many children are homeschooled. Unfortunately, the technical equipment in many schools is still not so advanced that digital teaching is possible without any problems. The question therefore still arises as to how the children can cope with the intended learning material during this time.

For families, this form of teaching and learning in the home is not always easy. Some children need much more intensive care than others. This usually means a significant double burden for mothers and fathers who work outside the home and / or at home in the so-called home office.

The Internet offers a lot of good information that is valuable for everyday school / homework. The Internet ABC also provides a number of tips and materials with which children can learn to explore the Internet, do research, identify false news and much more - an exciting and motivating alternative to traditional learning, especially these days .

Below you will find a large number of offers from the Internet ABC that can be used as a school assignment, but also as a stimulus for leisure time.

Tip: The individual tips have a short link that leads directly to this offer - which you can copy and send to parents.

You can also download these distance learning tips as a PDF: