What is TTY

What is TTY mode? What is the "Teletip mode" in the smartphone? How it works

Many are interested in what functions the Teletip fulfills on the mobile phone and how you can use it. It is likely that many users will not hear and know about TTY on iPhone and what it is at first. Find out what TTY is on iPhone. First of all, Teletypewriter, or "TTY" for short, is a device that is used by people with total or partial hearing loss to communicate via text set and read. Everything is improving and today email is used, not mechanical, replacing the printer with the smartphone screen.

To easily spot this option, just go to the Settings menu on your iPhone. What is TTY doing and what is its goal? Its main calling - allow people with limited language and hearing skills to communicate using a special digital adapter connected to an iPhone. Such a device can be purchased as an adapter in the App Store. In various Apple devices, the Teletep option is free, but if you use it you will need to purchase a special mini adapter cable.

Undoubtedly, the Teletep function makes the lives of many people who have been deprived of the opportunity to hear or speak well. The principle of operation of the Teletype is based on the work of the typewriter. For example, you write and the interlocutor sets up a teletype mode so that messages are received in a sound format, and of course on the contrary, if you say and the other subscriber receives written messages. That is, a person with a limited hearing will be more convenient to read your messages, and a person who has bad speech with bad language will be easier to print messages for you that you have the right to only Listen.

However, this feature is suitable not only for people with disabilities, but also for ordinary people who are more convenient to receive messages in one format or another. To configure the Teleletype mode, the driver can speak messages while the machine is running, and the other person can read them as if they were printed.

How do you turn on the teleotype?

If the TTY function is shown in the iPhone status bar, it is active. If power on is required, you will need to go to the Settings menu and select the Phone section which enables the Teletypewriter feature. Similarly, we can disable it. Refer to the instruction manual for the details of using the adapter.

Just in case, it is better to familiarize yourself with the list of communication operators that support the TTY function on iPhone in advance. So once you are configured to hook up this Teletypewriter feature, there are a number of actions you need to take. The first thing to connect an iPhone to the adapter with the cable and audio connector. Then in the smartphone in the menu "Settings", the section "SPECIAL" and select the sub-tab "All functions". Further from the SIM card depends on the connection time or the availability of additional services. To make calls through the adapter, you need to select the mode you want and connect the TTY function directly to the iPhone. Then you can call.

To learn about other services for people with disabilities and vision, simply go to the Accessibility section on the adapter manufacturer's website. Note that once connected, even if you change the phone operation card, the function will serve that function.

If you want to communicate with the functions of the Teletype, this function must be activated in a timely manner, so as not to deliver the inconvenience to the interlocutor without communicating without interruptions and delays. Every word is printed immediately without interrupting the conversation.

If another interlocutor has excellent rumors and speech, there is no need in this service, you can disable such an option on the iPhone after changing the "Settings" parameter to the "TY" parameter through the "Phone" section.

Many users, after quickly doing it in the phone settings, often try to figure out what is the teletype mode like on the phone? And usually no one can answer this question because this feature is so out of date and awkward that no one is using it. What is there, nobody even knows what it is - a teletype mode on the phone. Let us understand. Perhaps this information will ever come in handy.

What does TTY mode mean in the phone?

In general, this mode was created for people with disabilities and language capabilities, and it's called Teletypewriter, which means Teletype. Indeed, as we said, there are few people in this regime in this regime because of its unnecessary nature. And many even learn that it is a teletype mode on the phone, but still do not use it.

It's worth noting that on the iPhone or in any other device, Tty has nothing in common with the Teletype device developed in 1870. This device was a large unit that could convert an electronic signal into text. Today it is the closest analog fax, but even the fax is fundamentally different from the old teleulence. As for the phones, here TTY is just a function, not a device, and the purpose is different.

How does TTY mode work?

Note that you often need a special adapter cable to work in Telettet mode on the phone. What is this cable adapter and where do you buy it? They are definitely sold in the official Apple Store stores. Although one can also be purchased in some radios. By the way, the smartphones on the Android operating system support the mode and without an adapter.

So there is a teleotype as follows: a person says words into the phone, the system translates them into text and sends the interlocutor. It does not accept voice signals, but reads text. The function can also work on the other side: a person selects the text, sends it, and the interlocutor hears his or her voice. That is, the smartphone itself reads the text and loses it. This often helps people with limited speech and hearing capabilities, who for this reason are usually difficult to communicate over the phone.

The idea itself is good and it has really helped people. But today the teletype isn't that popular (it's hard to say if it was ever popular). Today, as we said, the majority do not even know that there is a teletype mode in the phone. And the lack of popularity is pretty much explained.

What are the reasons for Tty's unpopularity?

Many modern smartphones fall into the market without this function. It is not required that their availability is required, so it is quite logically absent from the functionality of telephones. First of all, the units of man use it. Second, there are a lot of analogues that are more convenient and better. Even ordinary people with normal language and auditory opportunities prefer to chat on social networks. There are a lot more interesting and convenient. Hence, various chat rooms and social networks completely supplanted tty. Third, there is YouTube to communicate in which deaf dark people are much easier. At a minimum, you can point and lip-read words that Teletip cannot offer.

In general, manufacturers perfectly understand that the TTY feature is completely useless, so they don't mention it in advertisements and posters. Even in the instructions for a smartphone, don't write a word. How does the usual user know about them?

Thanks to the rapid development of 3G / 4G networks and high-speed internet via WiFi, no TTY is required. Therefore, another type of live communication program such as "Skype" or social network applications is a teletype and has been for a long time.

Well now you know what the function is in the phone.

Do I have to turn off Tty?

It is necessary to deactivate this function. It assumes that it uses up the battery charge, although quite a bit. By default, this mode is inactive, but some users frequently go by the settings including and shutdown the features that do not recognize. There have been reports on the forums that the phone slowly dumped after disconnecting from this mode. We recommend turning it off.

However, for informational purposes and trite for interest, we recommend speaking to someone in TTY mode. It may seem funny. Sometimes not even an adapter. The function must also support the mobile network operator.

There are few people in the world who remember the device, the device called Teletype, a century even listened to this technology because it turned the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmitting information.

Now the technology is much lesser and of interest to users.


Knowing the depth of centuries

Historically, the telegraph is the heir of the telegraph, who was allowed to transmit text messages in coded form with the help of Albuch, Morse.

This method is well known, but very inconvenient to use, as it requires personal information and reception and transmission information in order to learn the rules for decrypting the message.

Everything is much easier with this device.

Despite the fact that the data are transmitted in coded form, they are received with a comfortable mechanical keyboard combined with a digitizing device.

Previously, such functionality was only available if the user purchased a special adapter in addition, but now it is not required.

With fresh software firmware versions you can use such options and without applying. Just enough set the appropriate settings manually.

Problems with debugging function Teletype (Tele - far away (Greek), art - Printing (deu)) coded by the abbreviation TTY is practically no. The only thing to do is get into the appropriate section with options. Using our recommendations for performing these manipulations in a mobile gadget is easy.

TY setup in Android

1 First step You should activate it, unlock the screen and go to call mode. To do this, click on the symbol (symbol) with the handset depicted on it. In some models, go immediately from the lock screen by swiping (just touching the display with one finger) in the direction of the symbol with the lock to the symbol with the picture of the handset.

2 below it follows on the screen to find the inscription "calls" And click on it. As a result, a list of the aforementioned subscribers will be displayed. After that, you should go to the menu, for which the button with the image of the rectangle is located under the screen.

3 As a result of his press a string menu is displayed.in which you should select the article "The settings". When you select it, you will get a new menu on the screen with a large number of items, one of which is "Call setup". To find it, it may be necessary to scroll the list of the swipe up from the bottom.

4 Once again, you are presented with a new list of menu commands that contain a string with a value. "TTY mode". The option is specified in the additional explanation. value (TY-OFF) indicates that it is completely off.

To change the status, you should just tap this command (touch your finger on the screen) and choose a new value.

total there are four available:

  • Tty off.
  • Tty full.
  • Hco tty.
  • Tty vco.

Last two teams. meet the specific requirements of the user.

TTY adjustment in iOS

The method of setting up the functional on company devices is slightly different from above.

  • To unlock it, you need to go to the Settings menu available after tapping on the icon with Image of the corridor..
  • A string should be found "Basic" (GENERAL). After you click on it, you need to click on the string in the new menu titled "Access" (Accessible). The next menu contains a string with the name of the technology - "Tty"what should also click.
  • As a result, the next menu containing the submenu is available. "Appendix Tty" (Software TTY). It is in him that will be a desired team "Answer all calls TTY" Announcement Allcals Tty. To activate the feature, you need to install in the appropriate joint on the right (it should be highlighted in green).

As for paragraph "Hardware"In previous versions of the operating system, their use is justified in the presence of an additionally purchased online store that provides the required functionality.

Articles and life hooks.

Surely many have come across this term repeatedly. Not everyone knows what is a teleotype in the phone?And how to use it. Let's try to shed light on this mobile device feature. However, it is much less important than those used by fans of the jilbreak.

What is Teletip and how to insert it in the phone

To start, let's try to figure out what the term "teletype" actually means. In English it sounds like "Teletype". Under this point in time means a special printed electromechanical device, thanks to which users can exchange text messages. At the same time, a simple electrical channel (mostly a few wires) is involved.

The development of high technologies led to the improvement of such a device as a teletype. Today it is completely electronic. The screen is used instead of the printer.

Mobile users should know that the TTY ("Teletypewriter") function has a slightly different value in their device. For example, if the owner of the iPhone goes into their settings, they will surely see this abbreviation. In our mobile device, this function is designed for people with limited speech and hearing capabilities. If a special adapter is available, the teleotype can easily be connected to the iPhone. You can order this adapter in the App Store.

So we figured out what a teleotype is over the phone. In the status bar we can often observe the TTY abbreviation, which means that this feature is enabled. To activate it yourself, you have to go to the "Phone" item via the "Settings". In a similar way we can turn off the Teletypriter.

We can read more information about the operation of this function on our mobile device in the operating instructions. Apple devices that make up without much difficulty and other services for people with disabilities are offered. You can read in the "Accessibility" section on the company's website.

It is also recommended to make the list of cellular operators prior to the incompatibility of the TTY service. The function is activated when the user places a SIM card on another operator's unnecessary smartphone.

Using a Teletep phone with a function

When we need to use Teletypewriter, we connect our phone with the support of this feature with a headset and cable connection to the adapter above. Go to the list of programs, after which you went to the "Settings", select the item "Special", after which the "All Features" are.

Depending on whether we are using the SIM card, other additional modes may be available at this stage. Select the mode you want and turn TTY on. Now we can make calls.

In the settings of modern telephones and smartphones you will find such a function as Teletype. Sometimes, after accidental incorporation, users can no longer use their phone. Now let's tell you what a teleotype on the phone it is needed for and also how to disable it when it is not needed.

Teletyp model 33 - device of the 1963th year of free running.

Before you drag into the description of the Teletep function in modern telephones, let's say a few words about what a real Teletype that has been used in the past. Teletpe (or Teletype, TTY) is an electromechanical printing machine that was used to transmit text messages over the cable.

This technology dates from the end of the 19th century at the end of the 19th century and rose to the global network "Telex" by 20 years of the 20th century. This network has been actively used for business communications throughout the twentieth century. For example, in 1963 the USSR was connected to the telex network, and in the 1970s the closed Teleteps line was used to organize the so-called "hotline" tied by the USA and the USSR.

With the arrival of the 90s, the popularity of the teletype began to decline sharply. Your distributed telephone communications, faxes and the Internet. However, in some countries Teletip continues to use it. For example, it is sometimes used in such areas as interbank transfers, aviation, shipping, and command of troops.

Teletip in the phone and in the smartphone

In modern telephones, Teletype is a feature intended for people with disabilities for hearing or speech. This feature allows you to transfer text messages from a regular phone line as it automatically converts the entered text to audio and decodes the resulting sound into the text as well. Thus, in a teletype mode, a person with a hearing impairment can receive and respond to calls using the screen and keyboard.

Choice with teletype.

At the moment, the Teletip function is available on most of the most modern phones and smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating systems. For this function to work, however, I also need support from the mobile operator. If not, the function will not work.

There are several Teletep modes that can be used on the phone, it's full TY, HCO and VCO.

  • Full tty. (or full teletype) means that text communication is used on both sides of the phone call.
  • HCO. or Wearing hearing Means you hear the speech, read the resulting text reading, and enter the text to be sent.
  • VCO. or Voice transmission Means that you send a language by voice and receive it in response to an SMS.

Telettage mode works in such a way that only one of the subscribers can transmit a message at a time. Hence, among people who do exist, there are the rules of etiquette that facilitate communication. For example, the reduction of GA (from the English start) means that you have completed your SMS and are waiting for an answer from the person you are talking to. GA can also be used as a greeting. To complete the conversation, SK reduction is usually used (from the English keystroke). This means that the participant has completed the text posted on their page. Also, with an outbound call, it is common to expect at least 7 horses as it can be difficult for one person to notice your call in time.

How to enable and disable Teleotype

If you have a phone with an Android operating system, to enable or disable teletting mode, you need to open the phone application, click the button with three dots and go to settings.

To access the Teletage settings, open the Teletip Mode subsection. You can also enable or disable support for hearing aids in this section.

As a result, you will see Teletage Settings. Here you can choose one of 4 options. If you want to deactivate the Telletype, select the "Teletip Off" option. If you need to activate it, choose one of the three modes: a fully featured Teletep, Teletyp with the ability to hear either a Teletype with the possibility of voice transmission. These are the three regimes that we described above.

If you have an iPhone you will need to open the Settings apps to turn it on and go to the Main - Universal Access - Teletip section. In the old IOS versions this function can be in the section "Settings - Telephone".