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Puberty in Girls: Start, Duration & Tips

Who and how am I How do i want to be And: who do the others think I am? These are the main questions in puberty. The gap between one's own actual image and the target image often leads to emotional chaos. This is noticeable on different levels:


Decreased self-esteem

The changed external appearance causes problems for many young people. Fear of being rejected or ridiculed can lead to self-doubt. In general, it can be said that girls often have even more difficulties than boys in stabilizing their self-esteem. Typical statements from adolescent girls are: "The way I look I will never find a boyfriend", "I'm too fat" or "I have too many pimples". Strong self-doubt can lead to mental illnesses such as depression and eating disorders.


Increased shame

With the onset of puberty, girls not only perceive their own bodies differently, but also those of their parents and siblings. Seeing others naked is just as uncomfortable as being seen naked yourself. Privacy should be respected and encouraged. It is important to allow the child to stay in the bathroom alone - even if this is accompanied by a door blockage for hours.


Increased sensitivity and moodiness

The brain completely rearranges itself during puberty. It becomes more powerful and faster and activates rational thinking. Small catch to the whole thing: Justament in the prefortal cortex, these restructuring measures can take the longest. This is the region of the brain that is responsible for well-considered decisions. The information arriving in the brain often first has to be diverted via the almond kernel during puberty. This in turn controls gut decisions and ensures increased irritability and sudden, psychological explosions.


Search for identity and role models

Every age is associated with certain developmental tasks. Puberty describes the transition from child to adult. It challenges young people to completely redefine themselves - to find a suitable identity. Closely related to this are the development of one's own worldview and future prospects as well as the expansion of friendships. In order to build up a new self-image, comparisons are often made. Orientation for this is provided by role models in the form of stars and celebrities.


Experiment with role patterns

Initial make-up attempts and wearing body-hugging clothing are just two examples with which the girls redefine their gender position.


Reduction in material benefits

Between the ages of 12 and 14, even very good female students may experience a deterioration in grades. School achievements take a back seat in favor of other interests. Boys and their own impact on men are becoming increasingly important.


Changed behavior towards parents

Puberty puts young girls in conflict. On the one hand, they do not want to completely lose the security of their family, on the other hand, it is important to let go of standing on their own two feet. This ambivalence is expressed in the form of violent power struggles and provocations towards the parents. The inscription "Entrance forbidden" in front of the room door signals the need for emotional retreat and the need not to have to reveal everything to the parents - to be allowed to have secrets as well.