Are car tires vegan

There are also car tires for vegans

And now something interesting for the vegans among our readers: According to the lifestyle blog “Terra Veggia”, vegans don't have to go without car tires. The problem for vegan drivers is the stearic acid often used in the production of the treads. According to Wikipedia, these can be obtained “by saponification from vegetable and animal oils and fats…. In the form of glycerine stearate, the acid occurs in almost all animal and vegetable fats and oils, including hazelnuts and cocoa butter (30–37 percent)…. In particular, in the triacylglycerols of animal fats, alongside palmitic acid, it is the dominant saturated fatty acid in terms of quantity: beef tallow (20–35 percent), mutton tallow (15–30 percent), lard (12–18 percent), butter fat (9–13 percent) ”.

As the blogger claims to have found out, “the vast majority of manufacturers use stearic acid from animal sources or simply do not comment on it when asked”. She received the following three positive responses to her inquiries from the tire manufacturers:

Michelin have written: ".…Thank you for your request. In fact, our tires are made without animal products. ... "

AlsoDunlopI answered positively:Dear Ms. Bode,
With regard to your question on November 8th, whether Dunlop uses animal products such as stearic acid in its production, we can inform you of the following. Stearic acid, which is used in tread mix with rice husk ash (biogenic silica), is plant-based and is extracted from palm oil.
Your Goodyear Dunlop press team

The same applies to the manufacturer's motorcycle and bicycle tiresKenda:

"… Thank you very much for your interest in our products! In fact, there are two types of stearic acid, animal-based and vegetable-based. We use plant-based stearic acid, so our tires are vegan! ... “cs

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